North pole

Well... jumping from +30 to minus 20 is something... without mentioning the crucial feeling its quite charming! You get to jump from stilettos to winter boots, from silk dresses to parkas and from one piece at a time to at least 4 layers. Cant complain!
Having to spend a week in Africa led me to a wide range of inspirations... life wise and well of course fashion. Also I had the time to go through whole Eyes Mast feed and got new exciting thoughts that I will be bringing in 2017... hope You ll like it!
Anyways most important moment when I got back wasn't the fact that I have to unpack, as well Im sure most of You like myself simply hate that part... it was the "what the hell to wear at this weather" moment... Fact of missing almost all of my winter clothes didn't quite help choosing, but in the end nature helped to make the right decision with a gift of minus 20 degrees in the morning...
So mainly my outfit idea narrowed to a very clear look - the warm and comfortable outfit that would fit perfectly whilst running around the city and spending half of the time outside. I knew that my day simply can not start without the right pair of leather pants, as lets be fair in any look they make the right statement.  And honestly I decided not to pay much attention to the tops as well u know those days when You simply wanna go for a hoodie?So I did and for that I chose new local brand called My Face sadly U cant really see it as its too cold to open the parka but Im sure You love their job, so go check it out, as I fell in love with their concept and well the quality. And my main target was the perfect jacket and the right pair of boots. After going through my winter closet I chose this beautiful Cultus oversized parka that perfectly fits in to the busy city life and well helps You to survive any weather You choose to be in, which in our case is well north pole isn't it?
Another insanely important moment is a bag , which has to go along with the perfect oversized parka. So what does it mean? Bag has to be big and juicy! Meaning it has to fit half of Your life in it! haha! And let me make sure it did.
So lets get to the point - during these insanely cold winter days You have to choose the right outfits and well when if not now let our selves be loose and oversized ? I say now ! So go ahead and get You favourite oversize piece and run down the streets feeling comfy and fabulous!

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Parka / Cultus 
Hoodie / My Face
Leggings / H&M
Boots / INCH2
Glasses / Dior
Bag / TYLA

Photo / Egle Juozaityte