Tell me if time to time You don't have that amazing feeling where You feel You are on top of the world? Where You feel stronger than ever? Where Your independency reaches the level You have been working for all Your life? Im sure You do. And well the more often the better. Nowadays in the world where women stand stronger than ever and have the voice that has never been so powerful we tend to reach for a lot more. Both in life and well in our closet. And well lets be fair when this feeling hits You and the streets become Your personal runway - You have to have the right pieces on You.
So lets make it a bit more interesting this time. As today is all about being fierce and fabulous woman. Imagine that the street is a war field and Your clothes are Your ammunition. I know it sounds a bit crazy but in the end is very much alike. Anyways imagine having the right gun is like having the right piece on You. It not only can “ save Your life” but it can and it makes You feel a lot stronger than You’d feel without it. When in the same time not having enough bullets is like going to a war zone bare foot. Same as going out without any accessories on You. When it comes tolooking outstanding and feeling strong You have to look at it in the right way. Maybe even as unusual as we speak now, just to give it a different perspective right? Puling out the big guns like Your top coat or Your most fabulous bag can be life changing, when in the same time having enough bullets such as sunglasses and watches or what ever accessories You would go for is crucial.
So lets talk more about those fierce moments when You own the streets. Normally its better when it hits You in the mid summer and You have the chance to pull out Your fabulous pair of heels, the skinniest pair of black jeans, white flawless top and well of course Balmain type of black jacket. Then after walking the line You don't even feel Your feet killing You, as well we live in the real life unlike in the perfect scenario created by a fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.  Otherwise when it hits You in mid winter - You have to act smart. And by smart I mean both ways.
I suppose each self respecting woman deserves to have that fabulous and one of a kind coat, that looks outstanding despite what are You wearing under. As an example You can take my to die for piece from MAS924, a coat that fits any occasion any mood and well any style You go for. If its sunday morning and You are in Your trainers and Uggs, or if its friday evening and You pull out You killer boots out. So when there is such piece hanging in Your closet and You want to have that perfect feminine energy on You - this is what You should go for. And well after that, honestly its not so important what goes under it hehe... 
Another strong moment is - sunglasses. Don't know how about You but in my eyes women with sunglasses always gives a mysterious yet fabulous vibe. Especially when she is not afraid to wear them in winter time. And well as I have said many many times having the right pair of sunglasses can give Your image completely different meaning. I am a Dior girl.. everything what they create somehow fits my style and my mood. And well my beloved So Real ones simply will never leave my accessories box and well they will never be out of style. So what I mean to tell is that fabulous pair of glasses is number one investment, without it You ll always have that one small moment missing.
In the end when You have these two pieces figured out all whats left is for Your imagination. As the base is done. So since its always dark, cold and disgusting I tend to go for brighter colours, unlike everyone. Because well its different and it makes Yourself feel a lot better. And when I go bright I go white. As can there really be any other tone that will work each and every time You decide to go for it? No.
So to sum up sometimes its not so much about the trends as its about the vision You want to stand out. And the more its about You wanting to look strong and confident the better. The more You want to shoot Your sharpest bullets to the world the more big guns You have to have. And well a fabulous coat is one of the strongest winter season guns, as well as the right sunglasses or a bag. All in all our image speaks about us stronger than words most of the time so make sure You keep it exactly how You want for people to see You.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / MAS924
Top / Cultus Lt
Pants / Mango
Clutch /  Kenzo
Watch / Komono
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Mood /


So few days ago I was filming for a wine commercial, and it was more than perfect...
The plot was extremely beautiful and classy as You can see.

The vibe of french riviera made everything even more perfect...lying in the beach for the whole day and working with an amazing team made me think that every day should be like this!Wouldnt it be perfect to take Your mac to some beach lounge, order a great espresso and do all the job You need enjoying the pleasures of summer??The marine colours, the salt smell...ah it was simply parfait!

Honestly I felt like I am in a Tom Ford "A Single Man" movie....and it got me thinking that there is nothing more that I would like than living in the 60s for a bit....

All those classic colours, beautifully cut shapes and luxurious accessories, stunning curls, a routine of getting dressed up for every single moment, stripes .... isn't it marvelous?? Each and every woman looked like an icon, and had every single detail of her outfit thought through...ooh...I guess it's time to bring some 60s to the closet!

Phoenix - Schon Magazine

So So happy for this project to be published!

After half year of waiting its finely out!

Had an amazing team and vision while working on this editorial... wich came out even better than expected!It was more than a pleasure to style this magical photoshoot with Robert Kalinin SS collection...As You can see details and clothes are simply amazing...It completely reflects the whole vision of an ethereal beast...
And of course make up... one of the best works I have is simply amazing when You have a vision and the makeup artist makes it even better than You thought , applause to Ruta Pakeltyte (MakeMyDay)

I can honestly say it is one of my favourite works through my styling career !

Enjoy ;)

Photographed by amazing Gertruda Varnaite 
Clothes by one and only Robert Kalinin
Model Laura A. (Reconnoitre Models)
Make up by talented and a great friend Ruta Pakeltyte
Schön! Magazine