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So about a month ago I was invited by Hermès to attend their launch of the new Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree perfume. The moment I received the news that Hermès wants me in their event - blew my mind… As You may understand my answer was without a doubt - yes!


I knew Im getting myself into super extraordinary and probably one time in life scenario  and well I could not have been more excited…another charming  point was that my contact with Hermès started with the Twilly itself, few years ago, so I knew what Twilly was and what it meant to the house of Hermès. This is why knowing that I will be one of the first people to experience and feel the new scent was trully mind-blowing.
And then the day came. I packed a light suitcase because all I had was silk dresses, few blazers and ofcourse bunch of bags and stilettos hehe. I decided that for such event its all about looking classy and delicate - exactly what Hermès stands for.
The next day after my arrival  was the night of the event… 

The way Hermès treated their guests was absolutely fabulous. The Alfred Sommier Hotel was just around the corner from the first Hermès Fashion House and it was super classy and chic.So ofcourse I loved it. The moment I checked inn to my room - I found a special package from them - the new Twilly body line, so that the night before the event I pampered myself in a peppery spirit that ps ps the new Twilly is all about! So after I had the whole Twily ritual I was fully ready to face the new fregrance!
The event was like a full on fairy tale. From the music, place, food, Hermès family members to the perfume itself - it was simply magical. They managed to show Twilly in a way that You could have felt like You have known it and felt it without actually having to experience it! Nevertheless we had the opportunity to visit the famous Hermès family garden which was a dream come true.. thats all I have to say as there are no words to describe it!
And then…. I met the Christine Nagel… Hermès perfumer that, believe me ladies , is a pure inspiration… so delicate, so elegant yet so strong and confident. She said that the new perfume she has created is for the girls that set their own tempo, invent a whole new rhythm - “For them I have imagined a new facet in tribute to their youthful spirit.” And that is very right as trust me - not if but when You will wear the new Twilly - Your statement will be very clear - the scent will speak about Your personality loud and clear. Everyone will know that You are a confident, unique and rebellious creature.
So a bit about the scent itself - its a quite daring fragrance coloured with peppercorn, tender rose and elegant patchouli. Spicy, floral, woody - thats the new Twilly. Three new materials make up its sensuality: the vibrant and abundant heat of pink peppercorn, the freshness of tender rose and the captivating enchantment of patchouli. So If You are a fan of sweet and spicy perfumes with that little extra charm - Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree is just for You.


In my eyes women, when choosing perfumes, have to really dig deep and truly find the right ones. The ones that not only smell great but that bring out the femme fatale in You, the ones that say all the right words before You even start the conversation. Generally the perfume You choose has to open doors and take You places that You haven’t been before. 

I know Twilly is not gonna be just another perfume bottle on Your night stand. 




There comes a time when every single one of us stop for a moment and wonder... Who we really are, how do we look from aside, have accomplished enough till now and generally what do we represent as women to the outer world ...  And most of us including my self never see the end of it... I think I never had that moment where I thought my life is complete - and that I have accomplished enough... never. There is always space and place to grow, there are always new ways to improve and there is enough time to leave at least a small mark in this world. And keeping this in mind we can never give up and be happy with what we have now, we always have to want more in order to move forward and make a statement.
I believe most of You already sensed that this article is for You - for all the strong women that fight day to day to to achieve and to receive and generally how this state of mind and lifestyle affects our image.
Lets go back to our beloved 80s... Don't know about You but for me everything that speaks for 80s is something to admire... the music, the fashion, the art... I could go on and on. Its simply the decade of perfection. And never the less the decade of women in power. Generally speaking I would say its the decade where women felt free to wear what they like despite the norms and started the movement of genderless wardrobe. Of course in small steps at a time. As we know it was at the 80s when women entered the workforce in sheer force, and with it came a very aggressive idea of power dressing. Thanks to them we got the wide shoulders , the structural shapes and most of all a lot thinner line between men and women styles. Women in the work force were popularizing the idea of “power dressing” summarizing the fashion of the decade and the modern-woman’s desire to break free from traditional gender roles and make their mark in the business world. 
While we can not be grateful enough for the women of 80s it seems that we keep up the good work in a lot fiercer way nowadays as well. Not only do we keep our ground strong and firm - we continue to spread the strong woman image in a lot simpler times. Im sure You will agree with me that fashion today is harder to define than ever, with a sense of individuality and self-expression.  Women are looking to embrace their femininity while also incorporating traditionally masculine-styles into their wardrobes. Fashion seems to be in a state of constant growth and exploration, while nods to past decades continuously find themselves embedded in every season’s “trends. "
Meaning we are left without any concrete trends or fashion statements, but the freedom to dress to express - our selves, our lifestyles, our believes through fashion. Tell me if I'm wrong but that seems to be the best stage we could have ever dreamed of.
Moving on to the outfit that Im wearing... Caught by the mood of feminity and power, in the best place for that in the world, inspired by all the career woman surrounding me, I wanted to mix and match 80s with nowadays. And honestly I was smart enough to take  Renata Mikailionyte's pieces in my luggage that spoke the topic better than anything else. A short moment  about the designer so that You would get the idea  - RM creates thin lined gender clothes for women that fear nothing, at least that was my first expression when I saw her collection. As You can see the west gives a sharp manly image to the whole outfit, especially matched with classic shaped pants with a typical 80s print, so that You can easily state that this is a typical classic look, yet matched with expressive bag and military boots it gets to a completely new modern classic look. 
To sum up we live in the times that give no rules, no boundaries. We have all the rights and all the freedom to do or to look as we wish. Lets not only be glad about it but lets make the best of it.

Eyes Mast chooses:

West / Renata Mikailionyte
Shirt / DKNY
Pants / Renata Mikailionyte
Watch / Triwa
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius
Boots / INCH2

Photo / Clifton Prescod

So melancholic but You asked for it Yourself haha!


Tell me if time to time You don't have that amazing feeling where You feel You are on top of the world? Where You feel stronger than ever? Where Your independency reaches the level You have been working for all Your life? Im sure You do. And well the more often the better. Nowadays in the world where women stand stronger than ever and have the voice that has never been so powerful we tend to reach for a lot more. Both in life and well in our closet. And well lets be fair when this feeling hits You and the streets become Your personal runway - You have to have the right pieces on You.
So lets make it a bit more interesting this time. As today is all about being fierce and fabulous woman. Imagine that the street is a war field and Your clothes are Your ammunition. I know it sounds a bit crazy but in the end is very much alike. Anyways imagine having the right gun is like having the right piece on You. It not only can “ save Your life” but it can and it makes You feel a lot stronger than You’d feel without it. When in the same time not having enough bullets is like going to a war zone bare foot. Same as going out without any accessories on You. When it comes tolooking outstanding and feeling strong You have to look at it in the right way. Maybe even as unusual as we speak now, just to give it a different perspective right? Puling out the big guns like Your top coat or Your most fabulous bag can be life changing, when in the same time having enough bullets such as sunglasses and watches or what ever accessories You would go for is crucial.
So lets talk more about those fierce moments when You own the streets. Normally its better when it hits You in the mid summer and You have the chance to pull out Your fabulous pair of heels, the skinniest pair of black jeans, white flawless top and well of course Balmain type of black jacket. Then after walking the line You don't even feel Your feet killing You, as well we live in the real life unlike in the perfect scenario created by a fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.  Otherwise when it hits You in mid winter - You have to act smart. And by smart I mean both ways.
I suppose each self respecting woman deserves to have that fabulous and one of a kind coat, that looks outstanding despite what are You wearing under. As an example You can take my to die for piece from MAS924, a coat that fits any occasion any mood and well any style You go for. If its sunday morning and You are in Your trainers and Uggs, or if its friday evening and You pull out You killer boots out. So when there is such piece hanging in Your closet and You want to have that perfect feminine energy on You - this is what You should go for. And well after that, honestly its not so important what goes under it hehe... 
Another strong moment is - sunglasses. Don't know how about You but in my eyes women with sunglasses always gives a mysterious yet fabulous vibe. Especially when she is not afraid to wear them in winter time. And well as I have said many many times having the right pair of sunglasses can give Your image completely different meaning. I am a Dior girl.. everything what they create somehow fits my style and my mood. And well my beloved So Real ones simply will never leave my accessories box and well they will never be out of style. So what I mean to tell is that fabulous pair of glasses is number one investment, without it You ll always have that one small moment missing.
In the end when You have these two pieces figured out all whats left is for Your imagination. As the base is done. So since its always dark, cold and disgusting I tend to go for brighter colours, unlike everyone. Because well its different and it makes Yourself feel a lot better. And when I go bright I go white. As can there really be any other tone that will work each and every time You decide to go for it? No.
So to sum up sometimes its not so much about the trends as its about the vision You want to stand out. And the more its about You wanting to look strong and confident the better. The more You want to shoot Your sharpest bullets to the world the more big guns You have to have. And well a fabulous coat is one of the strongest winter season guns, as well as the right sunglasses or a bag. All in all our image speaks about us stronger than words most of the time so make sure You keep it exactly how You want for people to see You.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / MAS924
Top / Cultus Lt
Pants / Mango
Clutch /  Kenzo
Watch / Komono
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Mood /

The getaway

There comes a time when mid winter hits us in the strongest way possible. After not seeing the sun for almost three months in a row You simply can not be as joyful as You normally are during the rest of the seasons. It becomes a lot harder to get inspired or in general appreciate the beauty that surrounds You.
In situations like this all of us have different ways to snap out of it and get back to our selves. Till now I didn’t know what mine was. Go figure … First I thought I need a quick getaway - so i did, I went to Africa fro a week - the whole inspiration and excitement was gone straight after I got out of the plain with my light trench coat and my silver Pinko sneakers, as minus twenty degrees hit me. Ok I thought I need something else … I started reading inspirational books and watching motivational movies - guess what - nothing. As how the hell it can really work when u look outside and its the same view as always, either blizzard or a storm… I am sure most of You would think or say not to take it so deep, but lets be fair we are women, we are difficult and demanding. And well when one thought hits our mind it does not leave that easily, secondly if we have some bump on the road we do not let the time fix it - we do it ourselves. This situation is no different.

So I thought to myself - each time this type of mood hits me I need to have a cure asap.

And You know what? I found it. 

Every single one of You have those pieces in the closet that makes Your knees weak every time You remember them, right? It can be anything : Your favourite summer dress, Your beloved pair of heels, Your silk blouses and well in my case my 90s jeans and stilettos…
And tell me straight - did any of You managed to skip those moments when You sit in the coffee house wearing at least five layers of clothes in Your UGGs and You simply dream that You could sit outside with a glass of mimoza wearing Your favourite satin dress in Your fabulous stilettos? No You didn’t ! Am I right? So the "cure" that I found was a day at home with my most missed pieces on me and with the best mood I could ever dream of. 
Let me tell You .... the day looked chic and intimate. I played Marvin Gaye, I photographed my works, I wrote a few articles and I went through my vintage collection of fashion magazines, never the less, all of this I did in my favourite pair of nude stilettos, my to die for 90s jeans and  newly bought pure white blouse … and believe You me - it was fantastic. The mood came back, the inspiration kicked inn and I felt like a woman again. As lets be fair wearing all those layers, coats, parkas, boots, hats and so on really puts weight on us not only in a physical way but in a moral way too. 

More than ever I catch myself dreaming about bright colours, light textures, flawless fabrics and well heels... And for those of You who feel the same way it's crucial to have this type of getaways with the help of Your closet and imagination. So when You have a lighter day or even the weekend off - make sure You try it out, and You ll see there is nothing better.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Charm / Tiffany&Co
Blouse / Zara
Belt / Gucci
Jeans / Zara
Stilettos / Guess

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

North pole

Well... jumping from +30 to minus 20 is something... without mentioning the crucial feeling its quite charming! You get to jump from stilettos to winter boots, from silk dresses to parkas and from one piece at a time to at least 4 layers. Cant complain!
Having to spend a week in Africa led me to a wide range of inspirations... life wise and well of course fashion. Also I had the time to go through whole Eyes Mast feed and got new exciting thoughts that I will be bringing in 2017... hope You ll like it!
Anyways most important moment when I got back wasn't the fact that I have to unpack, as well Im sure most of You like myself simply hate that part... it was the "what the hell to wear at this weather" moment... Fact of missing almost all of my winter clothes didn't quite help choosing, but in the end nature helped to make the right decision with a gift of minus 20 degrees in the morning...
So mainly my outfit idea narrowed to a very clear look - the warm and comfortable outfit that would fit perfectly whilst running around the city and spending half of the time outside. I knew that my day simply can not start without the right pair of leather pants, as lets be fair in any look they make the right statement.  And honestly I decided not to pay much attention to the tops as well u know those days when You simply wanna go for a hoodie?So I did and for that I chose new local brand called My Face sadly U cant really see it as its too cold to open the parka but Im sure You love their job, so go check it out, as I fell in love with their concept and well the quality. And my main target was the perfect jacket and the right pair of boots. After going through my winter closet I chose this beautiful Cultus oversized parka that perfectly fits in to the busy city life and well helps You to survive any weather You choose to be in, which in our case is well north pole isn't it?
Another insanely important moment is a bag , which has to go along with the perfect oversized parka. So what does it mean? Bag has to be big and juicy! Meaning it has to fit half of Your life in it! haha! And let me make sure it did.
So lets get to the point - during these insanely cold winter days You have to choose the right outfits and well when if not now let our selves be loose and oversized ? I say now ! So go ahead and get You favourite oversize piece and run down the streets feeling comfy and fabulous!

Little something for the lovely ladies interested in E.M. music
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Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / Cultus 
Hoodie / My Face
Leggings / H&M
Boots / INCH2
Glasses / Dior
Bag / TYLA

Photo / Egle Juozaityte


keep it simple

So my dear readers... New Year is just around the corner... I have to ask - so how was Your 2016?? Do You have any resolutions for the upcoming year? I know I do.. As well there is always space and place to be a better person than we are right? I sure as hell know that I ll try to bring You more, interesting articles, new projects, fresh collaborations and well a lot more insights on our main topic of all - style! Actually I am sitting in my favourite writing place La Cave Bistro in Vilnius.. looking at all the people passing by and thinking that we had actually quite amazing years didn't we`?? First of all they started in New York, then brought me to Rome, Milan and Paris for quite a few times...lets not forget our beloved Paris Fashion Week, oh and the mountains in Chamonix  ...  winterish London... I have to say it was quite a year.. full of inspiration and full of excitement. So lets hope next year will be ten times stronger and bigger right? 
So lets get back to the fact that New Years eve is actually tomorrow and here we are having the same head ache of : WHAT TO WEAR! It starts to grow into us doesn't it? Haha ! As really when I think this is the question that I ask myself the most, Im sure You do too ! But thats only good! To be completely honest I decided not to celebrate New Years this year with a fancy dress, fabulous heels and perfect evening makeup, in stead I chose to be myself as I am most of the time, in my INCH2 boots, tartan pants and a great black coat, with no hair style, with a natural and fresh makeup and well my head up high... Im sure You are all surprised, believe me I am too, but on the other hand don't we feel the best in pieces that we love and pieces that state who we really are? And well ... each year we kinda do the same thing, search for a perfect dress, try to get an appointment with our beloved make up artist as we want to look fabulous and well of course search for a perfect pair of heels that I can't remember that I actually have found haha... so why not do everything differently this year?
I know You ll think that I am crazy and I am missing the one night per year that we let our selves look as good as we possibly can, but what doesn't let us have such evenings during the year without any occasion ? I myself prefer to have those magical moments with those perfect outfits in the least expected places and spaces... Then life becomes a lot more charming and fabulous no? Yes yes.. 
So a bit about the chosen outfit... I have noticed that during this winter I kinda missed out on my most favourite style of all - the rock'n'roll chic! As You are used to see me like this almost all spring and autumn.. So i thought to myself if it came to my head I have to do it and start my New Year in my own shoes. I thought all I am missing is the perfect pair of pants, so I guess my fancy new year dress hunt was changed to the crucial hunt for the perfect pair of tartan pants... guess spending last week in London had to do something with it! So I am proud to say that omg I have found them... and in the place that You would least expect... and that is Pando . I was surprised myself too as well we all tend to think that this brand is all about guys on their bikes, and mostly it is but who would think that they have crazy good pieces for women? So I was lucky enough to find these crazy good ones and place them in my beloved and super selective wardrobe..
Anyhow I wish You all a lovely New Years eve... Im sure You ll have a great one and well my wish to You is - keep it simple!
Love Eyes Mast

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Pando
Cardigan / Massimo Dutti
Pants / Pando
Boots /  Inch2
Watch / Triwa
Bag / Chanel

Photo / Egle Juozaityte


So few days ago I was filming for a wine commercial, and it was more than perfect...
The plot was extremely beautiful and classy as You can see.

The vibe of french riviera made everything even more perfect...lying in the beach for the whole day and working with an amazing team made me think that every day should be like this!Wouldnt it be perfect to take Your mac to some beach lounge, order a great espresso and do all the job You need enjoying the pleasures of summer??The marine colours, the salt smell...ah it was simply parfait!

Honestly I felt like I am in a Tom Ford "A Single Man" movie....and it got me thinking that there is nothing more that I would like than living in the 60s for a bit....

All those classic colours, beautifully cut shapes and luxurious accessories, stunning curls, a routine of getting dressed up for every single moment, stripes .... isn't it marvelous?? Each and every woman looked like an icon, and had every single detail of her outfit thought through...ooh...I guess it's time to bring some 60s to the closet!

Phoenix - Schon Magazine

So So happy for this project to be published!

After half year of waiting its finely out!

Had an amazing team and vision while working on this editorial... wich came out even better than expected!It was more than a pleasure to style this magical photoshoot with Robert Kalinin SS collection...As You can see details and clothes are simply amazing...It completely reflects the whole vision of an ethereal beast...
And of course make up... one of the best works I have is simply amazing when You have a vision and the makeup artist makes it even better than You thought , applause to Ruta Pakeltyte (MakeMyDay)

I can honestly say it is one of my favourite works through my styling career !

Enjoy ;)

Photographed by amazing Gertruda Varnaite 
Clothes by one and only Robert Kalinin
Model Laura A. (Reconnoitre Models)
Make up by talented and a great friend Ruta Pakeltyte
Schön! Magazine