Twilly d'Hermès x EyesMast


So about a month ago I was invited by Hermès to attend their launch of the new Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree perfume. The moment I received the news that Hermès wants me in their event - blew my mind… As You may understand my answer was without a doubt - yes!


I knew Im getting myself into super extraordinary and probably one time in life scenario  and well I could not have been more excited…another charming  point was that my contact with Hermès started with the Twilly itself, few years ago, so I knew what Twilly was and what it meant to the house of Hermès. This is why knowing that I will be one of the first people to experience and feel the new scent was trully mind-blowing.
And then the day came. I packed a light suitcase because all I had was silk dresses, few blazers and ofcourse bunch of bags and stilettos hehe. I decided that for such event its all about looking classy and delicate - exactly what Hermès stands for.
The next day after my arrival  was the night of the event… 

The way Hermès treated their guests was absolutely fabulous. The Alfred Sommier Hotel was just around the corner from the first Hermès Fashion House and it was super classy and chic.So ofcourse I loved it. The moment I checked inn to my room - I found a special package from them - the new Twilly body line, so that the night before the event I pampered myself in a peppery spirit that ps ps the new Twilly is all about! So after I had the whole Twily ritual I was fully ready to face the new fregrance!
The event was like a full on fairy tale. From the music, place, food, Hermès family members to the perfume itself - it was simply magical. They managed to show Twilly in a way that You could have felt like You have known it and felt it without actually having to experience it! Nevertheless we had the opportunity to visit the famous Hermès family garden which was a dream come true.. thats all I have to say as there are no words to describe it!
And then…. I met the Christine Nagel… Hermès perfumer that, believe me ladies , is a pure inspiration… so delicate, so elegant yet so strong and confident. She said that the new perfume she has created is for the girls that set their own tempo, invent a whole new rhythm - “For them I have imagined a new facet in tribute to their youthful spirit.” And that is very right as trust me - not if but when You will wear the new Twilly - Your statement will be very clear - the scent will speak about Your personality loud and clear. Everyone will know that You are a confident, unique and rebellious creature.
So a bit about the scent itself - its a quite daring fragrance coloured with peppercorn, tender rose and elegant patchouli. Spicy, floral, woody - thats the new Twilly. Three new materials make up its sensuality: the vibrant and abundant heat of pink peppercorn, the freshness of tender rose and the captivating enchantment of patchouli. So If You are a fan of sweet and spicy perfumes with that little extra charm - Twilly d'Hermes Eau Poivree is just for You.


In my eyes women, when choosing perfumes, have to really dig deep and truly find the right ones. The ones that not only smell great but that bring out the femme fatale in You, the ones that say all the right words before You even start the conversation. Generally the perfume You choose has to open doors and take You places that You haven’t been before. 

I know Twilly is not gonna be just another perfume bottle on Your night stand. 


The getaway

There comes a time when mid winter hits us in the strongest way possible. After not seeing the sun for almost three months in a row You simply can not be as joyful as You normally are during the rest of the seasons. It becomes a lot harder to get inspired or in general appreciate the beauty that surrounds You.
In situations like this all of us have different ways to snap out of it and get back to our selves. Till now I didn’t know what mine was. Go figure … First I thought I need a quick getaway - so i did, I went to Africa fro a week - the whole inspiration and excitement was gone straight after I got out of the plain with my light trench coat and my silver Pinko sneakers, as minus twenty degrees hit me. Ok I thought I need something else … I started reading inspirational books and watching motivational movies - guess what - nothing. As how the hell it can really work when u look outside and its the same view as always, either blizzard or a storm… I am sure most of You would think or say not to take it so deep, but lets be fair we are women, we are difficult and demanding. And well when one thought hits our mind it does not leave that easily, secondly if we have some bump on the road we do not let the time fix it - we do it ourselves. This situation is no different.

So I thought to myself - each time this type of mood hits me I need to have a cure asap.

And You know what? I found it. 

Every single one of You have those pieces in the closet that makes Your knees weak every time You remember them, right? It can be anything : Your favourite summer dress, Your beloved pair of heels, Your silk blouses and well in my case my 90s jeans and stilettos…
And tell me straight - did any of You managed to skip those moments when You sit in the coffee house wearing at least five layers of clothes in Your UGGs and You simply dream that You could sit outside with a glass of mimoza wearing Your favourite satin dress in Your fabulous stilettos? No You didn’t ! Am I right? So the "cure" that I found was a day at home with my most missed pieces on me and with the best mood I could ever dream of. 
Let me tell You .... the day looked chic and intimate. I played Marvin Gaye, I photographed my works, I wrote a few articles and I went through my vintage collection of fashion magazines, never the less, all of this I did in my favourite pair of nude stilettos, my to die for 90s jeans and  newly bought pure white blouse … and believe You me - it was fantastic. The mood came back, the inspiration kicked inn and I felt like a woman again. As lets be fair wearing all those layers, coats, parkas, boots, hats and so on really puts weight on us not only in a physical way but in a moral way too. 

More than ever I catch myself dreaming about bright colours, light textures, flawless fabrics and well heels... And for those of You who feel the same way it's crucial to have this type of getaways with the help of Your closet and imagination. So when You have a lighter day or even the weekend off - make sure You try it out, and You ll see there is nothing better.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Charm / Tiffany&Co
Blouse / Zara
Belt / Gucci
Jeans / Zara
Stilettos / Guess

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Phoenix - Schon Magazine

So So happy for this project to be published!

After half year of waiting its finely out!

Had an amazing team and vision while working on this editorial... wich came out even better than expected!It was more than a pleasure to style this magical photoshoot with Robert Kalinin SS collection...As You can see details and clothes are simply amazing...It completely reflects the whole vision of an ethereal beast...
And of course make up... one of the best works I have is simply amazing when You have a vision and the makeup artist makes it even better than You thought , applause to Ruta Pakeltyte (MakeMyDay)

I can honestly say it is one of my favourite works through my styling career !

Enjoy ;)

Photographed by amazing Gertruda Varnaite 
Clothes by one and only Robert Kalinin
Model Laura A. (Reconnoitre Models)
Make up by talented and a great friend Ruta Pakeltyte
Schön! Magazine