Quite often I catch myself wondering… what is the key to happiness, what is missing…generally what is the highway to that full satisfaction in life? Of course when I remember the one cruel yet charming fact that I am a WOMAN I realize I will never find answers to these questions. Well at least not the eternal ones. This is why I move on from one thing to another finding the most effective ways to reach that bloody stage of harmony. And You know what? Many things actually do the trick ( of course for a day or two not longer )  

As an example in my case - 

Extreme sports - work very well! I stay happy and satisfied for at least few hours.

FOOD - yes oh yes food… If I eat something I crave for - I can be happy for the whole day or until new cravings kick inn.

Spa - love it to the moon and back but as soon as I leave the masseuse table - my head is filled with all the madness I try to escape from.

The quality alone time - THE MOST EFFECTIVE ROAD EVER.I truly call it the happy meal. So let me tell You a bit more about it…

My happy meal is literally alone time with myself surrounded by everything that makes me happy. Since my alone/free time can happen only on Sundays I do it only once a week . And believe me I wish I could do it more often but work proudly stands against that.


I believe every woman on this planet will agree with me that special moments require special attention. Meaning every single detail has to be flawless. Clothes - the pieces You choose to wear at home have to be not only comfortable but has to give You that special feeling inside, they have to make You feel fabulous and in love with Yourself. Yes exactly. I mean would You feel chic and fabulous wearing sweatpants and washed up hoodie? God I hope not. SO its very important to have that one brand or a few that makes You feel fab at home. I am a huge fan of Love Stories Intimates and all that hey create. Since I never choose to be too sexy or vulgar I prefer the light french romance style for home wear. And from the moment I saw this silk robe matched with those cute yet flirty shorts I knew I had to have them. And what do You know it was a perfect decision.  No wonder they called it the Ritz Green… I mean these tones are super classy and super chic.

Your feet. I am one of those ladies that don’t like being barefoot at home. Because well if You are all about fashion and style You can not just loose it just for the fact that You are home right? Exactly. And You when we talk about such occasions like this, which are far more important than any other only because everything You do You do it for Yourself. For that woman in You that works her ass off all week and dreams about that afternoon by herself and most importantly for herself. For such manners I am a fan of ZYNE. The most beautiful and unique brand for slides.I have bunch of different pairs from them and all of them are being kept in my closet as blocks of gold hehe. And yes I have pairs  I wear only outside but these babies I keep inside…because they are too pure. Embellished mustard silk satin, multicolors pearls…. I mean who would take them out in the wild streets of the city… no no they stay in. 

Cosmetics. Because its all about treating Yourself fully. So what I do apart getting into these fabulous pieces - I choose my Sunday beauty products and try to regenerate my skin and my hair, so that I start the upcoming week fresh and rested. On Sundays I always go for lux oils for my extremely tired ends. I mean what other day than Sunday You can treat Your hair with oils? For quite a time I use Gisou Honey Oil as it truly does the trick and well its all natural and super nicely scented. Then FACE! Oh yes You gotta love Happy Meal days for the ability to be makeup free and give Your face a chance to brethe. Since at the moment I use only Sothys Paris I have bunch of different products for various needs. I like to hydrate my skin and refresh it as much as possible per time. This is why I choose the Energizing serum that regenerates the skin and mix it with purifying serum so that I would get the max result I seek for.

Ofcourse well the whole deal must be accompanied by what ever the hell You crave for. Normally I choose a good movie and the right snacks.  

And there You have it! After such combo of everything that is good in this life I promise You will be glowing happy and satisfied with Yourself and the time You had…. I mean AT LEAST FOR THAT DAY  right? haha

Cheers ladies!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Robe / Love Stories Intimates

Lingerie shorts / Love Stories Intimates


Slides / ZYNE

Cosmetics / Sothys Paris