I am one of those women that can not imagine my closet without at least five vests hanging in… why You might ask. Well simply because a truly good vest is super strong, comfortable and classy piece that improves any look possible.
Also its a statement piece for those of You that clothing speaks more than just a style.
So when it comes to choosing a new vest or even trying to get into that women in vests cult there are a few key points that have to be considered.
We’re always looking to stay on top of the newest, coolest, weirdest and most interesting trends, but I can strongly state and Im sure You won’t disagree that classics are classics and nothing will change that.
Vests have always been a statement of class and it still is, just that nowadays there are too many possible options than You could ever imagine.
My eye always leans to FG Atelier. Their designs and models always fit my needs, meaning the perfect vest that I am always searching for seems to be hanging there!
In my eyes seasonless vest is exactly what You see. Long sleeved , modern cut and amazing fabric. This type of vest fits any occasion, any city, any style You go for. This is why I chose to wear super casual under pieces such as baggy every day jeans with a daily grey tshirt. And look - matched with tis vest - You get a unique comfy and stylish look!

So ladies try and add a long sleeved vest to Your wardrobe and You will see how many amazing looks You will get out of it!




Eyes Mast chooses:

Vest / FG Atelier
Bag / Karl Lagerfeld
Boots / INCH2

Photo / Joel Smedley