Summer must have


Spring - the glorious season where nature blossoms, colors pop out and people reach a stage of a new chapter full of sun and satisfaction. I believe all of You ladies blossom as soon as first spring sun comes out. It brings new vision to Your lifestyle and style. As charming as it might sound at the end of the season comes the eternal worry and stress that every woman goes through -  the next step - summer. Summer clothes, shoes, bags, colors, makeup, perfumes and so on. How do we cope with it?
Some women run along and purchase every single item that they see in Vogue summer section, others waste their time buying all the new collection pieces at their favorite brands and spends even more time on sending half if not more pieces back - others just stress until the summer actually hits them and leaves them hanging.
In my case Im one of those that wait till the last minute and end up having to wear last season pieces until I see something that I really like, if I ever do… As You know that feeling where You go through all the shops, online pages and so on and end up buying nothing as nothing seems to catch Your eye… And thats just annoying.
So I got to thinking what should I do to avoid all of the mess this year?
I realized - I simply have to get those endless classic pieces that will never go out of style and always be a good fit. And what the hell would that be or where the hell You might find such You might ask?
First thing You need to agree with Yourself is what type of shopper are You. Meaning are You one of those ladies that go for fast fashion brands or choose higher rank names. Then You ll easily understand where Your next wardrobe addition kicks inn. 
In my case more and more often I see myself buying less and less, but higher quality pieces. Basically rather than having ten Zara blazers I rather go for one Alexander McQueen piece. So since I am not a millionaire and I can not afford to buy all luxury goods from their actual fashion houses every time - I often choose designers goods resellers such as Karuselle. Its simply a better choice most of the time, especially when You can find pieces in perfect quality as of course all of us ladies cherish those beloved items day to day.
So the most casual and most needed summer items through out years has been and always will be a white pair of pants, cardigan with stripes and of corse - a tote bag. Why? Because these pieces are essentials to every woman”s summer closet. No matter if You are walking in the middle of Manhattan or on a sandy beach in Sicily. This is why when buying such pieces You have to understand that they will stay put for many summers. This is probably why You should skip the fast fashion brands and choose a bit more delicate names. And here is where brands such as Karuselle come in. 
Have the ability to purchase or sell a great quality well known brand item for a price You can afford is exactly what we need.
So ladies go ahead and start searching for that timeless statement tote ( the simplyer the better) that will charm up Your every day look and fit all Your day to day needs. Then run along and search for that perfect white set of pants that will fit Your both formal and informal style and then of course search for that cozy statement of simplicity striped top.



Eyes Mast chooses / Karuselle  

Top / Massimo Dutti  
Pants / S'Max Mara 
Tote bag / Mansur Gavriel