As far as I can remember women never and I mean never have anything to wear … from daily outfits to concrete occasions. No matter how much we buy and how many new pieces enter our closets it is never good enough and to be fare it never gets full. Why? I guess it is more of a rhetorical question that will never be answered.

One thing we can agree on though is that if we would simply buy more or less right pieces - the problem would probably fade a little.

So lets talk about what are those pieces in general… what are those key factors when going shopping for basically anything.

Main points on choosing the right pieces would be the right material, comfort, endless classic and mix and match fitting style. it means that the piece You buy is not great only by itself but fits half of Your closet and mainly fits Your style. When shopping - never go to far from Your personal style as that is probably one of the biggest factors after which the piece never gets worn more than few times.

For today lets choose a two piece purchase - suit. Endless class and style statement. When choosing one - You literally open the door to Your work look, daily look, evening choice and travel must have. Not a bad option I would say?

First thing is to decide on a color. Since its spring and all - why go for a black or grey option? God forbid don’t go for a flower print one - its just a no no.

I would say choose a colour that fits at least two seasons if not all four. So I say go burgundy. Perfect in a mid autumn and fabulous on a mid summer day.

Easily can be matched  with a pair of white sneakers whilst at the same time can rock stilettos or military boots. Since its not a super classy suit it can be easily worn to work , for an evening with a glass of wine in the city or simply two piece that would help You out while traveling.

To sum up - never go for pieces that make Your life difficult. Always choose ones that firstly make it easier - lastly funks up Your wardrobe! If You can’t find what You want in any store FG Atelier is the place to go to as everything can be custom made. Ps whole look is from nowhere else but them.



Eyes Mast chooses /


Suit / FG Atelier
Shoes / INCH2
Bag / Chloe

Photo / Joel Smedley