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Its been so long since my last article, that it feels like im writting for the first time... what once was one of my biggest passions - dissapeared for some time it felt like a big part of me was missing. Just so You know it didnt happen because I became lazy or something, its just that when certain things, not happy things, take over Your mind - its hard to getaway from it and act as everything is ok. Since those things are in the past for now - I will try to be back to my old self and spread my thoughts and believes like before!

So as the first article this year is in spring - I will be definitely talking nothing but spring!

As always spring is much more than just thoughts on a new set of clothes. When mid spring hits - state of mind sets Your overall choices both in lifestyle and style.This is why I ll talk more about my choices and why they are one way or another.
As every season I’m one of those women that choose not to fall head over heels to exsisting trends and tend to keep a lot more of myself than the new fashion trends when it comes to personal style. This year as soon as spring came I thought to myself - what will be my spring edition to my closet.... well what do You know it got to one and only - suit.

When it comes to finding  a great women suit - it is never an easy task. Gladly my eye caught a brand that empowers strong women look and creates clothing for working yet self expressing ladies. I have never worked in an "office" all my life my work spaces were either creative studios or like now my own Eyes Mast Studio - which is a place where all ideas come together, where I feel like home, meaning there are no rules what so ever how I or my workmates look. We dress up how we want and how we feel that day, no matter what clients are we meeting that day. I guess Im lucky for this part right? hehe. Anyways having a complete freedom of style - You have a lot of benefits but at the same time You have such a wide spectrum of what You can wear that sometimes You waste up too much time on choosing. 
This is why I decided that this spring I ll rock women suits. As omg they are so great and You can pull them out in so many ways! Nevertheless woman in a suit is a statement.
Ivo Nikkolo has released quite wide range of great suits that are nothing but classics mixed up with trendy details that are not too mainstream - meaning they will be endless statements for many years not only this season. What I loved the most was the colors I found. They were exactly what we would love to see on our selves - not too bright , no tacky flower prints , no tones that push You to the limit.
So ladies - if You are in search of a great suit - go ahead and visit Ivo Nikkolo store and try all those amazing pieces they have! I myself already have two suits and its just the begining... 



Eyes Mast chooses:

Suit / Ivo NIkkolo
Top / Ivo NIkkolo
Heels / Steve Madden