GUESS what


As the summer fades away Fall comes in hard and strong. Bringing us new trends, new colors, new wishes and new ways to express our selves. To be fair one of the best seasons of all is just around the corner. So we have to make sure we step into it at our best. So... For the last day of summer - first look of Fall.
For all of us Fall represents various things. For some its boots season, for some beloved trench coat time - for me no fall can begin without the right parka. This is why my first autumn look is based on a stylish and a must have piece. This beauty I caught hanging at GUESS, a brand I barely go to and what do You know I ended up buying the whole outfit from it. I guess from now on my habits will change.
As we all know Guess is all about free minded, trendy wild and strong L.A. woman, that cares about no one but herself. And the brand seems to be keeping their idea very well each season. This is why this F/W collection is no different. Sexy cuts, fit shapes and classical colors is a true Guess spirit. I thought to myself why don't I european it up?  
I simply couldn't  refuse the rich military green tone and the beautifully put details, with glamorous gold textures on it. I can easily say that this piece was one of the most charming ones I have seen in a while. Then I saw the black dress. It caught my eye straight away. I decided I need a piece that I can simply jump into and match with the same parkas, leather jackets, heels or boots at any time of the season. And we all know that there is not better newly bought piece that goes along with almost everything You own.
P.s. guys did You see the bag? The right words would be / to die for....
After I matched them with the right boots and the perfect bag I knew... This fall will be a good one. As if this is my first outfit of the season ... I can not even Imagine how many more charming pieces will reach my closet and how many great articles are ahead of You my dears.
So don't be too sad about the summer as fall is bringing so much more than You can even dream of.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / GUESS
Dress / GUESS
Sunnies / Tom Ford
Boots / GUESS
Rings / Dore Palada