I believe for every single man word woman is equivalent to mood swings… and well lets be fair - we have no right to blame them as it is more than true. It comes and goes but it never leaves us, and when it hits You never know what kind of stage it will put You at. So today I ll speak about the type that makes us want to wear the most unmatchable pieces and if it is something we should fight or simply go along?

In my case, which I believe reaches all of You at some point , I get those crazy mood swings in the early mornings , when I oversleep, I dont get my coffee on time and when I stand in the closet and I know that nothing good will come from this…

So how does it work… when I get into this stage usually I get the need to put all my favorite pieces at once and well normally You would think it simply couldn’t mix and match right. Well we might be wrong.

Today I had one of those fun and crazy mornings and decided that I simply need to put my beloved lace skirt from H&M Conscious Exclusive collection , then I thought to myself I can not go out without my military-like shirt which is my summer most worn piece to be fair , then it went to my diamond Gucci sneakers,  LV backpack and it all became one big mess which I saw when I ran downstairs where I had to face the all mighty mirror… Well.. I couldn’t say it was one of my strongest looks at all but to be fair it didn’t look so bad didn’t it?

And here we reached the point where it seems clear that If we want something we will get it. Like all women do right? 

The outfit itself is a complete mess but if You look at it from the right angle it’s simply marvelous. Why? Because it shows that time to time we don’t give a damn and we shouldnt. Overall if we would look closer top fashion Icons and stars are spotted wearing nothing but randomly put outfits and now we know where it comes from. So we come to understand that personal style and sence of fashion has absolutely no boundaries and gives us the path to self expression in the highest way possible.

So if ever You will be standing in front of the mirror and think that what You are wearing is simply not right - think twice, because nowadays there are no bad outfits and what ever You would go for it will be the right choice. Time to time we really just need to let go a bit and let our minds and our style free. 


Eyes Mast chooses:

Shirt / H&M
Top / Top Shop
Skirt / H&M Conscious
Rings / Dore Palada
Watch / Marc Jacobs ( Mados Prieskoniai )
Sneakers / Gucci
Glasses / Dior
Backpack / LV

Listening to / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08JS5EqyBVU