When we hear the word summer - blue skies, sandy beaches and flawless fabrics come straight up to our heads. As different as we think we might be - all the women thrust for same light, colorful and sexy look. But what happens when You have had Your portion of vacation and You get back to work? How does Your style change after a good month of vacation habits?
For one thing there is nothing worse than the state of mind.... After spending past days in beaches, yachts and any other place that does not require nothing but a good sun cream and few pairs of sunnies, not even talking about the fact that the only head ache You have is as simple as a good cup of coffee in the morning and a great dinner in the evening. We reach a point where daily style is super simple, we start to pay less attention to it and we reach a stage of complete relaxation in all possible ways... As for me when I wet through my vacation I realized that I spent most of it in swimwear and few light dresses for the evenings and well about a hundred pairs of slippers and sandals hehe... Anyways it all seemed like a dream until I realized I am on my way back to the city and my summer is officially over .
As I unpacked my luggages I realized Its time to get my classy look for monday as easy as it might seem - I was shocked .... I so did not want to let go of my vacay concept of clothing, of the way how easy and relaxed it all has been that I had to sleep it off. So ladies don't rush to Your closets straight away when You come back from Your holidays as well You will get a slight anxiety attack.
So the next day I comeback and I realize I have to take it step at a time. So I take two main essentials of my holiday outfits : slippers and some sort of flawless textured piece, and I go for the classy part of the closet as lets be fair after a while You really miss that femina bona type of style that You are used to all year long. And I go for sporty DKNY slippers , that are perfect for a sunny beach and in the same time rocks half melted concrete. Then, since its mid summer, I go for my favorite timeless and flawless high waist wide cut pants that have never been a wrong piece to take and well the last but not least - classy long cut jacket. The one thing I skip is any type of top under so that there would be a super deep neck line and it would bring out the tan and well the sexy look out. The next thing You know - Is the accessories. For some reason this summer I have not spent atlas one day without a set of rings on my hands , as there is just something magical about it. Another crucial part which has always been and always will be my number one accessory - sunglasses. So I go for Tom Ford as I realized that I have to get out of that Dior stage and look around :D
To sum up I mix ad match a very summerish pieces with super classy seasonless items and get out with a comfortable trendy look that fills all my requirements. Can it be any better? 
Going for bw look You will always give out that elegant and glamorous vibe which is always a good idea and is never a wrong turn. Especially when we speak about acclimatization after Your summer vacation and straight to work phase. Its never easy and the only way to make it lighter is to pull out fabulous outfits the first days of working week, as well all know there is no better cure than when we feel charming and feminine form head to toe.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Pants / COS
Bag / Coccinelle
Slippers / DKNY
Sunnies / TOM FORD
Ring / Dore Palada
Bracelets / Tiffany&Co.