easy way out

A summer Sunday well spent is nothing if not a testament to the pure joy of a minimalist, be-there-in-15-minutes routine. And lets be fair - it sounds harsh but the outfits we pull of whilst being in this type of misery - most of the time turn out to be one of our best ones. I suppose women act at their highest while being put in the "simply not possible" file. As far as I can remember the best looks that I have had are pulled out at the exact moment when I realize  I am super late, my hair are still wet and ,well, like always, despite the fact that the closet is erupting, there is still not enough clothes to choose from.... Generally the less time we have and the more stressed we are the better!
So having the 15min Sunday fun I ran to my closet and realized... Why would I break my head into pieces when I can simply go for a safe point and look fabulous? 
90s denim jeans are a must have piece for any women closet. It has been and it always will be the true american classic that has not left the stage for almost three decades... Though some of the women tend to think that boyish jeans are not feminin enough and not chic as they might want to, but in times like this its the best choice and it fills all Your needs. Simply because 90s boyfriend jeans go with everything, everywhere and every time. Lastly its super easy to get a great outfit out of them as by wearing such type of denim You already get the right look. So It makes me wonder that the actual problem of some women still not having such pair in their wardrobe is the fact that it simply sounds to easy and too good to be true?
The question is: When things come too easy we get suspicious so do they have to get complicated before we believe they are for real?
Meaning why would we turn our heads around and get ten pairs of skinny jeans that one day don't fit our needs, another day  don't seem to fit at all and few months later they seem to be a size to small, because of the washing machine or simply because You had more trips to Your favorite bakery than usual? 
With boyfriends You will never have such problem, and due to the classic american blue denim You ll need only one pair! Yet again almost everything You ll choose to wear on top will do, AND make Your upper body look skinnier.
So ladies get Your favorite pair and rock the streets!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Shirt / DKNY
Jeans / Zara
Sneakers / Gucci
Bag / Gucci
Glasses / Dior
Socks / Calzedonia
Watch / Triwa