When it comes to last days of spring - a whole new feeling kicks in. Everything around us becomes flawless and light. No wonder our style changes along. 
As soon as the weather became stable and the summerish days came for good, naturally I got the need to get out my bright side of the closet. The light textures, bright tones, thin lines .... were all I could think off. 
I decided I need to get myself a pair of carrot - fit trousers and of course in nothing else but linen... as summer is all about linen right? So I was lucky enough to run to my one of the top places in town Gedimino 22 and find these beautiful ones from MAX&Co. The best part of them was the quality of course and the stripes... There is just something wonderful about wearing striped pants. The ability to wear them in almost any occasion and the image they give out is spectacular. Like for example in this case with a pair like this I can pull off a casual every day style - like You see in the photos whilst in the same time paired with cashmere shirt and a pair of stilettos I ll get completely different statement. And we are all about wearing one piece in as many ways as possible right?
Since my goal was to look chic yet simple I decided to pair it up with a simple cotton t-shirt from DKNY, it simply gave the look I was searching for ,and well lest be fair a plain t-shirt matched with high waisted pants is the new modern way of classic.  And as all of You can probably see the outfit has two types of white in it and it doesn't look cheesy or inappropriate right? Let me tell why... I was always in the biggest stress possible when pairing different tones of white, as lets be fair this colour seems to be the easiest choice , but in the same time it can make Your head turn when the tones don't match. So what helps us in this stage is that the fabrics are completely different which allows us to match them up together real nice. Linen generally is one of those fabrics that lets Your style loose - meaning gives You a wide spectrum of opportunities.
All in all since I got my perfect match figured out I needed to spice it up a notch and then ZYNE kicked in... those emerald green sandals glamours up any type of outfit You would go for, and the of course a piece that I don't even leave my house without - sunnies. The new Diors that I have found in Glasses On shop simply fit right for upcoming light summer outfits...
And when I felt I was good to go I grabbed my Coccinelle clutch , put on my golden Triwa watch and ran out the door to get myself a cold glass of white wine and enjoy the evening...
So ladies as summer is just around the corner don't forget to get Yourself a great piece of pants preferably linen - to always have a safe choice when it comes to running around the city or heading to the perfect vacation in the southern Italy... yet again remember that every detail counts so choose Your accessories right!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / DKNY ( Gedimino 22 )
Pants / MAX&Co. ( Gedimino 22 )
Bag / Coccinelle
Sunnies / Dior ( Glasses On )
Watch / Triwa
Shoes / ZYNE

Photo / Aistis Rokas Vysniauskas

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