When spring reaches the level of consistency and warm weather where sun each and every morning does not affect Your mental stage, meaning You don't go crazy and all out - You reach a peaceful point where You can relax and let it flow. Same rules stand in our beloved wardrobes.
For me mid spring is something magical... The weather , the fabrics, coffee in the street, fav sunnies...Its simply perfection. Non the less mid spring stands for firm style. I start to go all in to minimal and classic outfits with a few strong pieces to impress.
It must be the rhythm of life that changes completely during the season. 
Long long time before the spring i decided I ll be in loose pants, shiny sneakers and leather all the time long haha , I managed to keep the promise I gave to myself at least most of the time. There is just something fabulous about wearing wide cuts all the way down and skinny tops this season. I am not saying it is anything new or super trendy ( as what are trends these times ) but for me its numero uno choice almost every single day. I have already purchased I believe at least 5 pairs of pants during the last month - just to make sure I'm good to go haha!
I have went through lots of brands to search for the perfect wide cuts.. starting from the cheapest ones to the most exclusive ones. And to be fair I couldn't have been more happy when I saw these beauties in Max&Co ... The texture , the cut , the flawless feeling - I knew I had to have them. Especially because of the rich green tone, that will be number one accent in spring and summer time. Matched with almost anything these types of pants bring completely new perspective to the whole look. And lets be fair rich green simply has something stunning that You can not avoid. Moving to trench coat ... I mean what spring season can start without a trench coat ? Non. Yes absolutely non. 
As I am all about classic pieces when it comes to trench coats , most of the seasons I still go for black... As I just can't help myself to be honest. And believe me I have tried. And to a big surprise Max&Co that normally would go for white , dark blue or anything else but black - released the seasons top trench coat this SS. So of course I had to have it in my closet.
Lastly - the side pieces... One of the most important parts of an outfit.
As classy and minimal as You wish to dress - spring is just not the season to leave You without any sharp / bright side pieces. And I believe You are the same as I am. You have to have some accessories to die for that pull out any outfit to a completely different view. Like in this case Gucci sneakers that shine brighter than diamonds matched with JS wild west bag ! Its simply perfection. 
So my letter to You ladies is to run and find Your own perfect wide cut pants straight after You go through the article . As believe me - once You go wide - You don't go back. The look that such pieces will bring to Your daily outfits is unbelievable great.  From lazy Sunday mornings in the city to sharp work meet ups and to evening events... You ll never go wrong with those ones.
Generally You are Your own trend setter. You are empowered to dictate the trends to whom ever You want / whenever You want. 

Stay classy yet chic !

Eyes Mast chooses:

Trench coat / MAX&Co
Top /H&M
Pants / MAX&Co
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius
Sneakers / Gucci

Photo / Vaidas Jokubauskas

Sound of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm2bM89I7YE