I believe there has never been a season that wouldn’t have denim taking part in. From mid winter to mid summer denim has been and still is one of the main fashion statements that we go along with. And maybe not as much as going along as generally not surviving without. 
And to be absolutely fair It seems it's not gonna leave it's position at any time soon.On the other hand do You remember any season that denim wouldn't take up half of Your closet?Im sure You don't! So lets speak about denim and why or how should we be wearing it this spring / summer season.
As we are all used to - ss is full of rich blue / light blue textured denim. We start from denim shirt , denim tunics and eventually jeans , from high waisted vintage ones to casual boyfriend jeans. And we are full of it. But in my case I tend to stay to dark tones more than often and in the warm season its better than ever to pull out the beloved rock'n'roll pieces that are waiting to be spotlighted.This is why today I went for Pando jeans with brushed dark grey tones - it just gives us that raw look we all have been looking for. And what can be better than great pair of jeans with a leather jacket? Its an outfit that will always be the classic match, no matter where or when You go for it.
So since we chose to go for a raw denim look we have to make sure we keep it classy and easy at the same point. But its only in my case, If You wish to go trashy go trashy without a doubt. I simply wanted that easy going yet sharp look that day. So what I did I went for Coccinelle purse that for me is a straight perfection. The shape and the cut this bag has is exactly what every woman wishes for - timeless piece that will never go out of style - and a piece that will class up Your look basically matched with anything in Your wardrobe.  Then I had to go with the right pair of sunnies which is always Dior as You have probably noticed - and in the end - sneakers. But sneakers that finally let You stay chic in a pure black leather. Im a person that love wearing bright sneakers time to time, but it took me many years to find a pair that fills my needs of simplicity and class when it comes to sportswear. No logos, no crazy details - simply classic Adidas model in black that honestly helped me survive the whole Paris Fashion Week in September. 
So all in all when You wish to go easy - keep it raw and leave some very well thought of details that gives Your outfit a statement.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / ZARA
Jeans / Pando
Bag / Coccinelle
Sneakers / Adidas
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte