Stripe it up


When it comes to patterns there are so many ways and places to pull them out, but on the other hand are patterns always a good choice?
For a woman like me - a pattern has to stand for me not in a way of me. I have never been and probably will never be one of those people that each season goes by the rules and runs to buy the first income of palm trees, flowers, or any other tropical scened pattern because it is spring time You are supposed to buy pieces like that? No, god no. Stick to Yourself and fall in love with a pattern that stands for You and Your character, dont mix and match when there is no need for it.
If there's one pattern that typically isn't a challenge to wear, it's stripes. But, if you're cut from the same (striped) cloth that I am, you might actually wantsomething a little more demanding than average. In which case, step in line, loves! The same things that make stripes so safe — their go-with-everything sense of order, their figure-flattering properties — are what make playing around with the pattern so fun. There's creative layering, color mixing, shape shifting, and more ways to let your linear pieces take center stage. So without a doubt my number one pattern has always been and I guess will stay that way - stripes!
Despite the fact that stripes could already be held as a fashion legend as there have never been a decade without them rolling the catwalks and covers. Stripes are the equivalent to perfection.
From a breezy sea shore with a washed off knit top to a busy city streets with a classic cut pants, You ll never go wrong when choosing stripes.
So one afternoon I walk in to Gedimino 22 store in Vilnius and I see these DKNY pants shining right in front of me ... The second I saw them I knew I had to have them... following the rest of DKNY collection that Gedimino 22 was freshly filled with, nevertheless mostly striped patterns I knew I had to get out before I can still afford a cab drive home. So of course I took the pants as how couldn't I?
Let me tell You why I chose these ones exactly. First of all for the same reason as mentioned above. Second of all due to light fabric this pair I will be able to wear both in summer time and during the mid seasons. Third - the tone and the thin and delicate stripes gives the look that can be fitted both work and street wise . Meaning one pair of DKNY pants - at least million ways to wear. For the day I chose to go casual and minimal as I wanted to keep all eyes on stripes, so I went for dark tones keeping the pants as a main piece of the outfit. Yet again Imagine white light blouse with a pair of stilettos and red lipstick ? Oh yes - perfection.
So ladies - since spring encourages You to go crazy on patterns count to 10 before each bright and crazy tropical  toned piece and think wouldn't it be better to stay classy and funk up Your wardrobe with a choice that will never leave You hanging?
Sending love

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Pants / DKNY ( Gedimino 22 )
Boots / Inch2
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius


Photo / Egle Juozaityte

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