suit up

As Joe Slovo once said " Sometimes, if you wear suits for too long, it changes your ideology ".
Can we agree on that?
Nowadays style conception and its rules have changed enormously. There are no rules and no boundaries left nor in fashion nor in daily life. Meaning as more freedom we get / the more freedom we use. The women workforce is not an exception. 
Working women all over the world have dealt and some still deal with strict demands on how they are expected to look on a daily basis. During the years the requirements have changed or in some places - almost vanished from the surface. Thanks god... Finally most of us have the ability to express ourselves not only during the after hours but as wished day to day. So as probably You have already understood - I ll be speaking about the modern suit. And what statement does it have in everyday life.
A modern suit today has no boundaries. And no rules on where and how You choose to wear one. As an example My ideal suit for this season has to contain bright tones and generally no limits on its consistency, this beauty I have chosen from MAX&Co SS 17 collection. Meaning the top of it doesn't have to be an actual classic jacket it can be like in this case light fabric trench coat worn as a jacket with the same fabric and same style pants - so that we could call it an actual suit and nobody could even dear to comment! Hehe. Another amazing part of having such suit is that it can be worn to work easily and nevertheless worn in separate pieces matched with what ever You could think of. The top of it - the jacket - could be worn as trench coat with light dress or wrapped jeans and etc , while in the same time the high wasted pants can be ur summer it piece worn with any top You can think off to any occasion. So generally we have a win win situation. We buy a suit - but we end up with whole new scene of outfits that can be created out of it or with it.
I went for MAX&Co for the suit as they have seemed to figure out all what I am talking about and created lots of pieces that You could fit to our topic of the day. Just that in my case i felt thrust for something light , something white and flawless thats why I went for this piece. As lets be fair - when You go white - You never go wrong.
Next part is what does woman in suit represent and does it really change our way of thinking? In my eyes - yes it does. Despite the fact that when You are wearing a well matched suit You really feel more confident and You get this feeling of importance, people that see You from aside tend to put You in a higher position as well. So shortly speaking the suit really does give You a different image and the image contains only good qualities. A woman in suit always looks more sharp, more confident and overall classy yet flawless .
So to sum up - I would say there is no better timing to find the right fit for Yourself when it comes to suiting it up. And most of all - don't forget that boundaries barely exist - so feel free to choose something that speaks for Your character and mind.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / MAX&Co.
Top  / H&M
Pants / MAX&Co.
Bag / Kenzo

Photo / Vaidas Jokubauskas

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