shine bright

Dont You simply adore those moments when after long and deep winter You finally see the sun? When You can finally go out and not have at least a ton of clothes on You? Of course You do, who wouldn't ! Another amazing aspect of that is that You spend way more time in Your wardrobe as when the weather is fabulous You have to be even more charming than that. Which leads us to a spring syndrome. A disease that each and every single one of us go through in the beginning of the season. And its a syndrome of all bright or nothing. Im sure most of You after seeing the sun for the first time in four months don't even want to look to the dark side of closet. Believe me I am the same.
As soon as I realised this day Is about to come I decided I have to run down to few shops and prepare my #1 spring outfit. So I went down to Gedimino 22 and saw this stunning DKNY coat.. I thought this is it - I have my day one syndrome piece! Super easy looking and extremely comfortable yet super spring like and light - all You are looking for. Then I matched it with my SS number one clutch from Coccinelle which I can not see any summerish outfits without and I got the perfection I have been looking for. Believe You me - that day was nothing to compare with the outfit that I wore... Oh and lets not forget another amazing part of this season.. SNEAKERS! Finally... I have missed them so so much...
Best part of wearing bright this season is the less tones - the better or the more fashionable You are. So technically it puts You in a very good stage. You can stress less and look perfect a lot easier than before. SS17 is all about one tone from head to toe.. So when the next time You ll be matching ur daily pieces keep that in mind and You ll have a win win situation. The outfit will be up to trend and You ll have a lot less work to pull off the outfit. Im sure many of You will have the same question - which pastels too go for? My offer would be - stay down to earth. Choose tones that will easily match Your existing pieces and that will be wearable in the upcoming seasons. Meaning if You ll go nude tones - You ll not go wrong. 
So ladies and gents enjoy first days of spring fully prepared. Keep it light and soft so that You could get into the mood of upcoming season.. stay light !

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / DKNY ( Gedimino22)
Top / H&M
Pants / Mango
Bag / Coccinelle
Sneakers / Nike Air Max
Watch / Michael Kors