When You wake up in a city like New York - everything gets a completely new perspective. Not only Your mind, but Your body as well reacts to it. And we can easily call it a game changer. Why?
Simply because in a city like NY no day is ordinary, You never know how Your day will turn out or where will it lead You. Which brings us to the point where You have to stay sharp both in mind and style. There is no better feeling that having a cup of fresh coffee in 24th floor of Your hotel with the whole mid town under Your feet and knowing that this is just the beginning of You day full of excitement and wonder.
As Europeans we tend to have a slightly different rhythm and vibe... Our days seem to go a bit slower, we have more time to our selves and we have the luxury to make our lives charming and time to time stressless. I mean You will not see at least one person in Manhattan lunching longer than 15minutes, when in Paris or Rome, often lunch ends up with a bottle of red wine and three courses right? Whilst in NYC there is no such thing... Each day is like a race, each day is a challenge which has that charming side of it and the terrifying one. But who doesn't love a bit of drama... So what is that New York life and how dos it affect You from head to toe?
Generally in New York no matter what You do - You are always on a run. My days where quite hectic so I was on my feet from early mornings till late evenings. And each day was a lot more than planned. So how did it affect my style? First of all the main thing was - shoes. You can not live in NY and have fancy heels or anything else than sneakers almost. The image that sex and the city has given us through out the years was nothing but a big lie. Heels and New York have nothing in common. So each morning my main head ache was what shoes to pick as they had to look fabulous yet be the equivalent of comfort. After I had figured this out it came to a perfect outfit that would fit day meetings, unexpected shootings and Hells Kitchen dinners. Meaning - it had to be perfection from head to toe that would fit any possible occasion. You ask me what would that be? As even for me it sounded like something every woman looks for and never finds... Well what do You know - I managed to figure it out haha!
The golden outfit - if I may call it like that - is a lot more simple than You would imagine. To be completely honest its a match of a pieces that we could call timeless classics. An outfit that works for women of  my segment - class with a bit of edge in it ( the ones that can not see themselves with a bit of rock'n'roll in it ) This is why firstly I went for the net blouse - it kinda stated the whole idea of the outfit. Especially matched with Burberry classics - UK military pants , doesn't it give that modern woman vibe? Yeah it does.But to be completely sure You have to have something outstanding on You in a city like NY - a piece to die for, that speaks up for the whole image You are pulling off - a fearless, self confident woman in style - and that comes with the bag... Oh the bag... When I first saw it - it blew my mind away, and to be fair - it managed to leave every single fashionista in manhattan speechless... Even better part is that its a creation of Lithuania legend in fashion - Juozas Statkevicius. Meaning having such bag in a city that has all and has seen all - You come with something new and that puts You on a radar. And thats something magical... 
Another moment is adding some bright colour to the whole image.. But the magic is when You mix and match just segments of it. Like in this case a minimalistic line on bot sides of the pants, that ads completely different military look to the outfit and then the main accessory same coloured bag... Looks like a match made in heaven right?
SO ladies keep in mind that everything is possible with a bit of imagination. It seems that perfection really comes in small pieces...

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Top / H&M
Pants / Burberry
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius 
Bracelet / Tiffany&Co
Ring / The Factory

Photo / Clifton Prescod