Backpack time!

Well hello ladies… guess who is back! Hope You missed me as I for sure have missed You as hell. I know it has been almost a month but to be honest I managed to loose both of my macbooks, have unexpected travels and honestly anything that would sound unbelievable and too bad to be true had happened, but You have to do what You have to do… right?

Anyways the last time I wrote was winter as far as I can remember… And what do You know its spring already! Couldn’t be more happy about it! Im sure You are too. But where does it bring us? Apart from the fact that we see more sun, we have better emotions and finally we have less mood swings it eds up to one crucial point - new season new trends - new wardrobe. And thats where the hell begins.

In my case due to active lifestyle and the need to be comfortable from head to toe each day and every day I decided to try out something I almost never had - backpack. Yes a backpack. You would think I am not that type of woman that runs around in streets of New York wearing a back pack but to be fair for a modern nowadays woman there is literally nothing better. Ofcourse there is one major point to find the right one - which for You might take a while but with my help I ll make it a lot easier. 

Imagine You wake up 6 in the morning have a fast coffee in the nearest coffee house in uptown and begin Your day running around New York from meeting to a meeting, from one tube to another untill You see its already midnight. Then You really start thinking about smart fashion as I like to call it. Fashion that stands firm on Your lifestyle choices. And I am more than sure that many of my readers are hard working women that barely see daylight and fight for their spot on the ground. Which puts us in a position of looking fabulous though feeling comfortable and chic.

So number one piece this season I would say is the right backpack. Though it shouldn’t look like a classic, already seen choice. This is why after long and hard research I managed to find the right fit for me. Meaning the perfect piece for a woman that has to look edgy yet classy from morning to evening, woman that starts her day with no idea how it will end or where she will end up - to sum up a lady that is ready to look her best 24/7 . 

When I started looking for backpack I wanted for it to look as far as possible from a typical case model. This I why I needed something elegant, yet edgy, something that would fit weekend look in the same way as it would fit a 5star restaurant meeting in Meat Packing District. And I am safe to say I found what I have been searching for in Coccinelle. A brand that stands for long lasting pieces and Italian classics.  And who could refuse to have Italian beauty hanging in their closet? 

I ll try to show You and prove to You that a backpack can be as elegant and classy as any handbag and that every single one of You can not wait any longer going through life without having at least one fabulous and classy backpack in Your closet. 

For example this outfit - I have chosen the new piece from D.Efect SS collection and stayed in my fav pair of boots for this season, to get edgy and different look from what You would expect. The outfit is super city friendly and stands for fashionable comfort. As You can see the Coccinelle backpack brings super modern look to the whole image. Meaning for this article I am showing that any classic piece will fit You no matter what You wear as long as You match it right and keep it simple.

To sum up - lets start this spring fresh. Lets concentrate and not only looking our best but most of all feeling our best. As nowadays comfort is the new it thing. And You simply can not pass it. 


Kisses my ladies!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / D.Efect
Bag / Coccinelle
Boots / Inch2 


Photo / Vika Paskelyte


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