green light for red


There is no denying the importance of having a heavy-duty parka at your disposal once the temperatures drop. But, even though there is so much to love about this topper, still most of the ladies think that it is nearly impossible to make the sleeping bag-like jacket look chic. Well Im here to prove You wrong.
There is so much style when we speak about nowadays parkas.. from hollywood stars to simply streets of Chamonix - a great parka is a piece that will never go out of style and has more than thousand ways to be worn.
There is no rule that says a parka needs to be a dark solid colour, so think outside of the box this season and go for red. Personally for me a red parka has always been and still is a Canada Goose key piece, so its very pleasing to be able to find a red - even better looking and more unique parka apart from CG. This is why I couldn't pass this Calvin Klein beauty that I have found in Denim Dream store in Vilnius. My eye got caught straight away...
And what can I say, I was a bit scared to be wearing such bright piece in this dark and cold season when all You see is black and grey, but what can I say... I was wrong.
Best part of having a bright toned parka is that it brings Your daily style to a completely new level. No outfit is casual anymore.. everything You match with this beauty looks simply fabulous and chic.
Another fun part about this piece is the classy point of it. Because as bright as it is or as sportish as we would think it should be , it has this classic piece label. From early 90s red parkas have been the american and european elite color for skiing in the Aspen to winters in Alp resorts. This is why having this type of parka matches perfectly with casual every day outfits to very chic pollo style looks no matter Your age or Your lifestyle.
I chose to wear it with a cozy Calvin Klein turtle neck cardigan and match them with Denim Dream rich blue jeans. Which shows that worn on the simplest everyday choices that are comfortable and doest break Your head in half - You ll end up having a fabulous - different from others - look.
So my advice this season is to skip the comfortable colors and go for something more exciting!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / Calvin Klein
Turtle neck / Calvin Klein
Jeans / Denim Dream
Bag / Guess
Glasses / Tom Ford
Boots / Inch2