Heritage Check

This may sound radical for a fashion piece, but when it comes to buying a coat, form and function are more important than the latest catwalk manifesto. No one wants to look outdated of course but this piece has always stood above trends. Yet getting both is possible.
Coat trends move at a glacial pace and there are always several types that hit the season, though that does not mean You have to go for it with Your eyes closed. Military or wrap, cape or oversized duvet, long, slim, single-breasted and grey flannel or sheepskin and boxy – they’ll all work as style statements this autumn but also, importantly,  keep you going for the next five or six years at least. The question is, what works best on you and within your daily routine and what will have the timeless label on it?
 It’s important to get this right. A beautiful coat, a chic bag and the right shoes are gate-keepers to looking stylish. Choose wisely and a good coat will perk you up in the mornings, keep you cheerful on the commute and make a snappy entrance every day in the office, year after year...
So if we would speak about the right choice - this season I would say go for - Heritage Check.
Not because its this season top choice when it comes to absolutely everything, but because this is the season where You can actually end up having a great timeless piece in heritage check, which is not pulled out from Your mothers closet that was worn in deep 80s.
Another marvelous point at this stage is that You can find some truly great pieces that are not mass produced, and dig a little deeper with a unique design by small local or international clothing brands. To be straight after heritage check hit the shops I knew I had to have something in it but I didnt want to end up like 95% of the ladies wearing same pants, coats and blazers on a daily basis. I decided to invest a bit more and get a piece that would not end up in the box after the season. My eye caught Coat Creators , as my main target was to find a cashmere coat from local Lithuanian designers. It simply had everything a woman needs in a timeless coat experience. A classic cut, the heritage check and the quality. So I went for it and I cant seem to get enough of it. For the past two weeks this coat is all I wear. From outfits that fit 9-5 ( which in my case would be 10 to eternity ) and from the ones I choose for a night out or some gala.
This is why I ll end my article with a simple fact that many of You should use - in search of a piece like coat - spend more time and invest a bit more than You would normally choose to, as the feedback and the result will be fabulous.


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