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When purchasing a handbag, one quality obviously stands essential to all others: Is it stylish and chic? Though secondly, a woman must also ask herself - Is it functional? One without the other makes for a less-than-optimal accessory; lucky for you, dear reader, we recently made a life-changing discovery that will shatter your preconceived notions about bags.
Nowadays of endless options on every single piece we have in mind it is crucial to understand what we really need so that we wouldn't end up with a closet exploding from mass of look a like pieces.
When we talk about bags - one of the main essentials of a woman - it has so many requirements that it blows our minds. And then we reach a point where we either can have tons of different mediocre ones or have a few that will get the timeless piece badge.
This is why sometimes I choose brands that are not top lux ones, but go for niche labels that have huge perspectives and great pieces at affordable stage ( for now ) This is why when I was looking for something unique yet affordable and wearable - I found Geda Peleda. A brand with a sense of style and a great minimalism point. As for a woman like me - bag has to be more than just a bag... it has to be a big part of my life... as half of it I literally carry in my bag...
Conventional wisdom would have us believe that when it comes to size, a larger bag tends to reign supreme. It assures you have plenty of room for all your knickknacks and won't have to try to carry too many items in a tightly squeezed space. But no. We have discovered that a half backpack / half conceptual type of bag is, in fact, the perfect bag.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Bag / Geda Peleda 
Coat / In Avati
Jeans / Zara
Boots / Inch2