Colour it out!


As the days get shorter and the sun wanes, darker and earthier tones dominate fall fashion previews, but you can easily incorporate brightly colored clothes and accessories to keep your autumn wardrobe upbeat and eye-catching.
One of the best aspects of summer fashion is the bright colors. Vibrant primary colors reflect the sunlight and give you an extra boost of energy. So don't pack away your bright colors in the fall! Match them into your fall fashions.
Fall is full of colors. From summer leaves changing from gorgeous green to yellow, orange and red in a matter of weeks to the lemon-colored fall chrysanthemums blooming into winter, autumn colors are as breathtaking as those of spring and summer. Let your fall attire reflect the colors you embraced in summer along with the rich hues of the changing season. When your new wardrobe plan is complete, sit down and relax keeping in mind that You do not need to say good bye to the summer shades - full of funk and contrast.
This is why It hit me that I do not want to seddle for autumn tones purely. Which I thought will be a problem, but it turned out it is not!
I cought myself looking at MAX&Co window , full of contrasts and shades that were far from what we usually see in the cold season time. 
This is why I decided to go for very sharp tone , combined with something more down to earth - rich blue. 
The outfit turned out to be brilliant. Why? Because You fill all Your autumn wishes in one. You do not stand out as not dressed enough and You maintain the autumnish look from head to toe.So keep in mind autumn is full of colours and tones... This is main thing that You should not forget or by any chance put yourself to grey / black frames. Shine not only inside but outside as well.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Max&Co
Top / American Apparel
Skirt / MAX&Co
Bag /  Gucci
Flats / Aldo
Cap / H&M