Nowadays, fur isn’t just a symbol of luxury and wealth, a high social status and glamour, but it’s also subject to all fashion trends and trends are what make our life so exciting and beautiful. Almost no cold season could go without the fur trend. From season to season we see various fur types, new colors, new garments featuring this uber-luxurious material and new styling solutions. However fresh and gorgeous these new trends come to be, there is one thing that is unchangeable, which is the base, the material: the fur.
Despite its nobility, high class and luxury, many people consider fur the ugliest material, since hundreds of animals suffer for creating genuine fur pieces. This is the reason why there is a tendency to use faux fur for creating a coat or any other garment.And lets be fair most of the time it looks the same and You feel great wearing it and knowing that nobody had to die for it. But its a matter of choice. Besides, faux fur is much more affordable and almost any of us can buy a faux fur piece. Keep in mind that everything depends on styling, so if you have a faux fur item and style it right, you are sure to look fabulous.
There are various types of fur, different colors and shapes, and, of course, genuine and faux fur. In order to brighten up the exuberant, lush material, many fashion designers brought the psychedelic fur trend too, dying mainly faux fur in all the possible shades of the rainbow, from pastel tones to bright fuchsias, oranges or reds.
When choosing a fur, pay attention not only to the quality and its rich look, but also color. For example, if black and gray is ruling your wardrobe, pick something colored, such as green (which is top this season), purple or mustard, in order to add a pop of color to your look. On the other hand, if you are a fan of bright dresses and printed clothing, pick a fur accessory stay low in the color spectrum, meaning go for black grey or some natural colours.
Talking about this look exactly it was a piece that I was waiting for almost three months…. D.Efect made it clear what my number one piece of the cold season gonna be…I mean who can not fall in love with this rich green beauty… Anyways for that day I decided to get into some 70s style so I mixed it up with funky patterned tights for Audimas and ofcourse finished the look with some Diors and ran out!
So to sum up this season You can not start without a fur / faux fur coat. Especially when its a lot to choose from. And to look Your best keep in mind to stay as basic as possible under, then the look will be pure and classy.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / D.Efect
Dress / H&M
Tights / Audimas x Robert Kalinkin
Glasses / Dior
Bag / Liebeskind Berlin
Boots / Inch2

Photo / Egle Juozaityte