I often catch myself craving for black... and mostly this phase starts in our lovely September...
Maybe its not that we are a bit tired of all the spring/summer colours and shades but we simply miss timeless colours that follow us through the whole year and really never crosses our closets. Mornings get cold, days become unpredictable, evenings end up at home with a warm cashmere blanket on....  Then without even noticing we turn to the dark part of the closet a lot more often than in other seasons... Dark tones become 50% of Your autumnmboth life and closet wise.
This is why today I decided to jump into rich black from head to toes. Having a chance to touch Audimas X Robert Kalinin collection before its even released I ended up with these two beauties in my closet. It got more than clear in the morning that these are the pieces I'm gonna pull off today.
So lets speak about wearing one and only - BLACK. It seems its the colour that You can never go wrong with... But is it really? My answer is - almost. The magic of black reveals itself only when matched right. By matched right I mean matched fabrics. If the fabrics don't speak for themselves  the beauty of black is not seen as It is supposed to be seen. While wearing this marvellous colour You have to make sure that the clothes themselves or at least the remaining parts are right. 
For example in this outfit every detail is thought through. The watch goes with the bags and pants golden details, so You don't go to far with the metals and accessories. The shoes bring out the strength of the look, and the cap sums up the whole view. Am I right? It seems that everything is in its right place, and on the other hand its so very simple and pure. 
Its one of those times when outfit does not need any bright colours, super extravagant details or textures. Its one of those times we just want to dive into the city and be seen only by the right people that understands what style really is.
I might sound a bit moody but its just one of those days when You want to be with Yourself and Your thoughts. So You go for something super comfortable and easy to wear, matching it with Your favourite items, and lets be fair - still remaining Your true self - a bit of extravaganza from deep inside.
The outfit perfectly fits all hard working, ass kicking woman needs. You stay feminine, edgy and minimal. But the ones who know - they see how astonishing You really are...

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / Audimas X Robert Kalinkin
Pants / Audimas X Robert Kalinkin
Cap / Stradivarius
Glasses / Dior
Watch / Michael Kors
Bag / TYLA ( )
Boots / INCH2

Photo / Egle Juozaityte