One piece

There are always those moments when You end up spending more than one hour infront of Your mirror, running in and out of Your closet, trying to find that perfect outfit for the day.... And after some time it seems that its just not gonna happen, but then You reach a point where deep inside Your closet You see one perfect piece that will kick all the other outfits ass and You storm out happier than ever.
To have an ability of pulling out perfect one piece outfit is super rare and almost never possible.
Why? Because really the usual case is that we either go for very extravagant pieces like on the last article , where the situation is not that You don't need any extra items on You, but You rather just not have them, OR You choose a super minimal piece and try to stay pure with Your look and make some sort of statement. So its either black or white really. Which brings me back to where I have started - one piece casual outfit are a rare breed.
Which is why You are gloating when You find such piece. So as it happened to me. I had a project and found this new brand called DRESSIC, very new and young brand trying to kick into the market, gladly with wonderful pieces! I remember till now seeing this dress and knowing that in the autumn this baby will rock my closet so many times that You guys will get bored ... haha
So what is the magic of this one piece look? Well this one dress makes thousand different statements as You go. If lets say I would change from Guess stilettos to Inch2 kerz boots I would be giving complete different vibe. Also this dress fits all Your daily routine points so it just makes it easier, when You don't have to change during the day as You have way to different of occasions. And ofcourse best of all it makes You look tall and skinny. Which is what we all really want deep inside. Then You just pick up Your favourite accessories and a bag to finish the whole image. And here You have it - perfection. Simple , classy elegant and chic. What else could You ask for?
So all in all we all love to dress up and we love to dress up good. Mixing and layering our favourite pieces, and going through our beloved closets is one of the most important part of our days. So to make it easier and less tensed try to find a piece or a few if possible, that can be worn in hundred different styles and would ask You to only match the right shoes, which is really the only thing every woman knows 100% and almost never goes wrong right?

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / Dressic
Glasses / Dior
Watch / Michael Kors ( )
Bracelet / Michael Kors ( )
Bag / Karl Lagerfeld
Heels / Guess