Pink is the new black ?

As today weather wasn't treating us so nice, and it reminded of quite sad yet charming fact that autumn is on its way... I decided I ll spend more time at home today... which led me to the point where I caught myself going through all my spaces and places on social media... And what can I say - I was quite in a shock. First of all I was super glad and pleased to see that my readers have increased quite strongly and our Eyes Mast community is growing up! Secondly .. I STARTED WEARING PINK? !
I ran to my closet and I couldn't believe my eyes... my "all black " closet became a pastel heaven for the summer... Then I started thinking wether it is god or is it bad thing... Remembering times , which by the way were only few months ago, I had 95% clothes in black and 5% of white and grey... Now - there is a full range of colours pridely hanging in there and especially pastel pink... So then I got to thinking - what is it really about that fabulous light pink colour this season...
I guess we could all agree that the person who brought pink into a new stage in fashion would be one and only ( not necessarily in a good way ) Kim Kardashian. With her outburst of pastel clothing in a super edgy and rocky way, she pushed lightl pink, grey and beige colours to a new level, which made loads of brands to create tons of amazing pieces with it. And so it happened that it didn't skip my closet as well. 
Most of my life I didn't look at pink colour at all. It could have been for many right cuts or shapes , the wrong tones or simply the idea that the colour used to represent... well not anymore, thanks to Kim.
If we speak about the outfit it is one of my most favourite pieces in one for this summer season...Especially the boyfriend jeans, oh yes the jeans I remember as it was yesterday. I was running around Paris on a steamy hot day of may searching for something light and easy to buy to simply bare the whole heat situation, and so it happened that I have jumped in to a shopping centre in Rue de Rivoli, which have the most selective brands in one place, and thank You destiny for pushing me into the right section, as it has millions of them, something like century 21 - thousand floors, millions of brands , sadly though - no discounts and all new collections. Cant complain though right? So back to jeans, I see this lovely brand called Mo&Co and my eye catches these beauties... What can I say... there were no questions left, I had to have them. And i did! Couldn't get out of them all summer so - money well spent - as we women like to say after we buy something pricy, right?
As for the rest of the outfit the pinkish pieces are from nowhere else but our all time saviours - Zara and H&M, the places You almost always find something You like and You have no heart pain buying. The pink tones of the Zara trench coat and the H&M knitwear top of the lightest fabric, became my summer top items that I couldn't survive without.  And of course  to spice up the look I had to pick my Kenzo clutch and match it with lovely espadrilles I have found in a small shop of Milan. 
To sum up , there is nothing better than the right pink tones for Your closet and the right matching pieces to make You look fabulous, feel comfy and rock the streets.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Trench coat / ZARA
Top / H&M
Jeans / Mo &Co
Espadrilles / Lorena Gil Milano
Clutch / Kenzo Paris