Cross in between

When it comes to a point that  we realise that these are the last days of summer we get to a point where we put our selves into misery. Why? Well because we already feel the cold breeze, spend evening at home as the rain never stops pouring, and every single chance we get to spend with a glass of wine in a french restaurant we through everything aside and run for it.
Same thing is with dresses... Every chance I get to wear something that does not include cardigans, coats or scarves, I jump into .

This is why on a day like mentioned before I decided that Its time to rock my new H&M Studios FW dress... Yes the dress is FW, not for our fall but still.... I felt like in a feminine summer ending fairy tale. The flowerish hand made pattern, the light fabric, and the feeling of femininity and strength blew my mind.  Of course having such elegant though powerful piece I had to bring some of myself into it. Which is why I jumped into INCH2 boots, grabbed my leather jacket and ran out. As that day I just had to have some rock'n'roll in me.

I believe we can all agree on a simple but obvious point now - every single woman loves to put a dress on time to time... By time to time I mean every single time she gets a chance .Why? Well thats the dumbest question I could ask myself :D because say what You want but nothing else but dresses make us more feminine than we could ever be.... The right dress does not only make Your evening or day can turn to be one of the best ones, but It can literally change Your life... ( well atleast a bit) Im sure all of us had a moment in life where it was too fabulous to be true... And most of it was because we were wearing a dress... It might sound a bit fanatic, but really... Thats just how it is. And honestly if You somehow did not have this moment yet... Please be so kind, spend some time on finding a piece that would lead You to it, for example like this one... a piece that could be worn in the chicest pair of heels to a classy dinner, or with a pair of boots for a simple get away . 

Remembering not such a fabulous point like lets say - autumn, we straight away jump into seeing nothing but grey.. It doesn't need to be like this. And thats why I am giving You a perfect example. Don't be afraid to mix up Your summer pieces with upcoming fall ones. Why ? Because You ll save some time of the warm and charming feeling, that only summer pieces can bring.

Im not saying Autumn by any chance is a bad season, for me its one of the best, but I know You ladies and I feel how hard do You step into it. So stay positive and think of how many stunning outfits are awaiting for us In upcoming season... 

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / H&M Studios
Boots / Inch2
Clutch / Comme de Garcons
Glasses / Dior
Leather Jacket / Zara

Photo / Egle Juozaityte