Make a statement


When it comes to last days of summer there is a huge dilemma going on. Thoughts of upcoming new season, new emotions, new trends and new beginnings is simply overwhelming.
Though when it comes to wardrobe its even more difficult. At least for me. Why? Well simply because You have amazing ,few times worn, pieces hanging deep deep in Your beloved closet and You are almost running without a doubt to buy all new septemberish items, that You keep seeing all over magazines and instagram, to fill up Your cold season look. So what to do - to not spend loads on new items and be happy with mixing a few with what You already have?
Looking from my perspective, meaning living in hard cold country, autumn comes fast and cold.
So my autumn wardrobe preparation starts a bit earlier than normally. Meaning - now. This season I tend to charm up my look with metallic fabrics and shiny pieces, why? Because i don't want to say - good bye summer, too fast, and we all know and we can easily see that metallic fluid textures make a good statement.  As an example I give You this outfit .
Boots - last season, glasses - last season ( but ofcourse these ones are timeless )  bag as well. Omg maybe I really need to go shopping :DDD no! Look at this stunning skirt - a piece that speaks for it self and needs no further explenation. There is nothing better than finding a piece that matched up with anything brings Your look to a next level. And last years pieces? Well thats the beauty of them. Having timeless, classic and minimal items You are more than safe for any season, I mean any season at all. 
So to sum up, be smart on what You re buying and why. Never fall straight to given trends too fast, think smart on how and when Your bought freshly new and fabulous piece will work out.
My advice - less super seasonal pieces, more long lasting ones that You ll be able to spice up in any season to come.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather Jacket / Zara
Skirt / Zara
Top / American Apparel
Boots / Massimo Dutti
Glasses /Dior
Bag / Liebeskind Berlin