Summer Romance

There is nothing better, than finding a piece that upgrades half of Your summer 2016 wardrobe and goes along with most of the beauties You love!
So short story about a long sleeved dress that saved my vacation wardrobe.
I am one of those species that try to buy items that would fit more than one season and would be suitable in more than a few occasions . This is why You can easily see in between my outfits , pieces that I tend to wear both winter and mid summer.  But now about the shirt / dress ..
Straight after I saw it In The Place boutique, while gathering my holiday pieces, I knew this one is what I have been searching for .... Why? Simply because firstly its silk, and whats better in a steamy weather that a light silky dress... secondly its 100% city friendly , which means You can wear it to the beach and when Your back in town, You can pair it up with a pair of stilettos , golden watch and run straight to work. Thats why I fell in love with it... I ll try to show You more ways to wear this piece in upcoming month , so I would make it easier for u!
Yet again lets speak about this exact outfit... That evening I had a picnic on a beach and I wanted something comfy yet chic at the same time , so I paired it up with a summer must have - can't survive without piece - light denim shorts, and some super simple but charming top from H&M and ofcourse bonnet . And it turned out to be a very feminin and delicate look. Wouldn't want to wear anything else for breezy summer evenings...

Oh yeah and another critically  important part of any type of vacation - the right cosmetics. I would even dare to say If You don't have it figured out - don't go :D why? simply because if You are surrounded by 30 and more degrees, and heat 24/7 during night and day , You have to be prepared. From my personal perspective I believe I found that perfect brand - Guerlain! Why? As its summer 2016 line is made for a classy and chic girl that wants to look good in any weather and in any skin condition ( i mean we all sometimes burn while trying to get that perfect tan no? :D I know I do ) And my seasons favourite is Terracotta bronzer... as we all reach a point where we become darker than any foundation we own and beloved concealers become lighter than the sky :D after few days on a beach all i was using was Terracotta bronzer and Better Thank Sex mascara , as all my cosmetics become to light. So make sure You prepare your beauty emergency pack when You travel!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Long sleeved dress/shirt / Flow ( The Place boutique )
Top / H&M
Shorts / ZARA
Bonnet / H&M
Bag / H&M
Watch / Michael Kors ( Mados Prieskoniai )
Cosmetics / Guerlain
Sunglasses / Celine