endless options

I guess every woman time to time asks the same questions :
How to be happy? What choices are right or wrong? Is this man is good for me or not? Do I look good or not? And etc. Well I am not life guru and I won't be able to answer to all of Your mind breaking questions, but I might be able to help You a bit.
Every life step we take and every decision we make is in the end always the right one, but I believe all steps and all decisions made in style are always better...right? RIGHT.
So today I will speak about the all mighty basics. The pieces that no outfit lives without and the pieces that each women buy the most. 
Usually women tend to think that by wearing all basics You simply have to add some piece that will destroy all the minimalistic harmony and in their heads - make the outfit right. Believe me I have been there myself. What I want to say is that by wearing only basic every day pieces can sometime look even better than fulfilling the whole look. 
So we move to a point that ok - now I have to buy tons of different though ,look alike clothes, and forget edgy items that rock my closet. NO. What You really have to do is to find those key pieces that will rock with or without stunning items. This way first You ll be happy every day as all in all You ll always have what to wear even if its the simplest things, second You will always look good if the pieces are timeless and good quality and third - You will probably make less mistakes in Your daily wardrobe. As lets be fair we all do time to time, especially when we try to much.
By saying having good quality pieces I don't mean at all buying the most expensive brands. You can find very good items in such places as H&M , ZARA and so on. You just need to look what You are buying. 
All in all we get back to main question. How to be happy?Well the answer is simple - have enough basics in Your closet that go with everything and can stand for itself alone, matched with other simple pieces , and Your head ache is officially cured.
Check if You have or go to buy some really good denim jeans , with classic shapes, simple but always lasting tops, some classic glasses and few bags, and You are really good to go!
Scanning todays outfit - its a perfect example of matching different basic pieces into one look and getting out edgy and classy.  As well as wearing a knitwear dresses on top of jeans or any other pants. Do it! It bring completely new vibe to the look and believe me You will not regret it! Oh and the jeans ... yes the 70s cut jeans.. How can You not fall in love.. I saw them I knew I had to get them as they brought completely new vibe to the closet and further upcoming outfits!

Eyes Mast chooses :

Vest / Zara
Jeans / H&M
Dress / H&M
Sandal Heels / Melissa
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / Daili