Ok so today Im gonna speak about one trick that will help You to survive unplanned weekend!
Short story - on friday I come back from work and my friend says - we are leaving in one hour.
First thought that came to my head was - what clothes do I pack...Really not where we are going or why, but what do I take with me. So it came to my head that I don't have enough time to prepare different kind of outfits for different occasions, so I ll just take few pieces that I thought will go well with everything I wear, AND it will be super comfortable whilst easy choice. And thats exactly what I did.
As for the past few days before the trip I was craving to wear something in khaki I decided that thats gonna be my weekend top item that I ll match with all the basics and all the places. 
Simply because this colour goes well with almost everything and this piece, that by the by I found hanging in H&M, has an amazing structure. What I want to say is that this beauty can be worn with and evening gown and with a pair of ripped jeans while You are running around in the woods.
Pretty much I decided to do this experiment and wore only this piece for three days in a row changing nothing more but whats underneath it. And what can I say , it was super comfortable, edgy, I didn't have a head ache of what to wear, and I felt great each day! Went to dinner, went out, swam in a boat and spent some time on the beach... 
All in all one strong piece and few basics are more than enough for a relaxing weekend out of town!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / H&M
Jeans / ZARA
Sneakers / Adidas NMD
Glasses / Dior
Bag / Liebeskind Berlin
Watch / KOMONO