Timeless Elegance

There is nothing better than finding the right dress...  Every woman is running through life searching for the right pieces to fulfil their perfect closet... Yes it might sound a bit to strong but isn't it what we all really do? 

Personally for me I have two types of clothes in my wardrobe, first is the basic and random pieces that You buy without putting too much thought to it, meaning You wear this piece today but it might be Your first and last time, and the ones that You dream about or go crazy when You find them, as You are sure that You will love and wear them now and years later.

In my case, the second type contains either outstanding pieces that is a hit and always will be, or the ones that are based on classic cuts and great fabrics... Such as this dress... Elegance and simplicity in the same time, and the silk, oh god the silk... what better fabric You can find during the summer? Non. 

When I was on my vacation I had a small dinner in a very cute restaurant, and since for almost a week I didn't jump out of denim shorts with tank tops I simply had to get into something chic and elegant, just to feel a bit like myself again. As honestly while living in the beach You don't stress to much of having a wrong outfit on, as lets be fair You wear max two pieces on :D So thanks god I took my lovely newly bought Flow dress, that I have purchased in this cute new shop - The Place - in the middle of old town, and I didn't forget to take a few bonnets... Getting into heels, with a silk dress, classy sunglasses and bonnet on, I felt like a lady that I almost forgot I had inside me...

As I have mentioned before, every single woman like us, born and raised on concrete, even when going to nature, have to pack something that would remind us of who we really are... well yes we do like the nature, fresh air, the sea, but I believe I can speak for all of us... We do love the city more than anything else, and even if we escape the city for some time, the city does not escape from us. 

So be sharp, pack smart and stay chic despite where ever the hell You are!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / Flow ( The Place )
Glasses / Celine
Heels / Melissa
Watch / Michael Kors ( Mados Prieskoniai)
Bonnet / H&M
Bag / Louis Vuitton