Thank You Storm!

When You go through You closet in the morning and first thing You see is this silver beauty hanging, You simply have no choice - You have to pull it out! Especially when You have newly bought piece waiting for You to match it and run out to town! ( talking about this pinkish coat) A short story of how this pastel perfection got into my closet. 
So yesterday I managed to get into a huge and scary storm while running to the office after meetings , believe me I haven't seen anything like it in my life, the city stopped for a moment, and speaking about me, I had to hide as fast as possible if I didn't not want to drown in the street, ofcourse the closest place to hide was Zara :D Cant complain though , I got out with this beauty in my hand and couldn't wait to put it on with something amazing, Its like it was meant to be :D so thank You storm for closing me in Zara for one hour and making me buy my upcoming nr1 piece of the summer I have left!
Talking about the outfit itself... This beautiful silk dress I got as a present from one amazing designer who owns BAAGI wear, after I saw it I fell in love,  but as it was cold season, and by cold I mean -100 degrees, I had to wait for summer to pull out the best of it. It was super hard looking at this beauty and knowing there are some months ahead of just looking at it. But this day has come! So I took out my beloved Pinko silvers, Kenzo clutch and the "always a good choice" transparent bag, put on my new Zara coat and got out!
Running around in the streets wearing this outfit felt better than anything... comfy, stylish, edgy and glamorous... 

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / ZARA
Dress / BAAGI Wear
Sneakers / PINKO
Bag / Things Happen
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / Kenzo
Watch / Komono