go denim

Every single one of us simply loves to wear shirt time to time, as it makes us look classy and filles out the whole look, I mean it really does! If I had to pick only a few pieces that every girl should have in her closet, a good denim shirt would be at the top of the list.They can be styled so many different ways, and they can also be worn during any season. And let’s not forget about the fact that they are super comfy, especially if you find one made with soft denim. And really thats the piece that sorts out Your everyday most important question: what to wear. As anything looks edgy and classy with this funky piece. Personally, I have two denim shirts that I can’t live without: one in a darker grey, and one in a lighter blue one. I would recommend getting both, because they’re so great to have and each will feel fresh in it’s own way. I love the darker one for fall and winter, while the lighter is perfect for spring and summer – but really, they can both be worn whenever. The best thing about chambray shirts is that they’re usually super affordable. But what do you do with it after you get one?

Here is an example of super easy every day outfit for work leasure or anything You could think of!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Denim shirt / Marks&Spencer
Pants / Mango
Flats / Melissa
Bag / Louis Vuitton
Watch / KOMONO
Glasses / Dior