mix up

When you are choosing your summer clothes, there are a lot of factors that You need to consider, such as cut, shape, color, texture, pattern and shine all are very important factors when it comes to the things you put on. As this season is a season of very few layers, which means every single piece has to be thought through.

Mixing fabrics is not hard, but if you do it wrongly, you are going to stand out in a negative way. So super important point for You ladies to understand is how to mix it right so that You would look stunning from head to toe.

The rule to mixing and matching fabrics and styles is very easy; what you should do is to mix different style pieces, opposite material wise, so that You would look quite contrasting, but not too different. You need to experiment a lot in order to be able to tell where that fine line is between “contrasting” and “too different”. So what I would advise is one evening, after work, just go to Your closet, take out the most contrasting pieces and try to mix them up with very basic ones, and the idea will come up. Of course, it is not wrong to make a fashion statement and wear the same fabric from head to toe, but then you should really make sure the match is perfect.

What have I done? I had this skirt for months, and was simply thinking how the hell should I wear it so that i wouldn't loose myself? The skirt is simply flawless... but for my current mood it is maybe to romantic and to feminine. So what do I do - I take my fav piece of boots that scream edgy rock chic, I take my crop top that is also super simple and stands not higher than a simple basic item, and to finish i take my Diors and my new love Karl Lagerfeld bag. 

What do we get? Very easy though very edgy outfit that stands out only in the best way possible, and shows both Your feminine both strong side of character.

So to sum up, summer is the best timing to mix up different styles and fabrics, as they speak the loudest. 


Eyes Mast chooses:

Crop top / H&M
Skirt / H&M Concious Exclusive
Boots / INCH2
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / Kar Lagerfeld

Photo / Egle Juozaityte