Biker chick

As summer season has begun it brought out a new season that women usually do not pay so much attention to - The Biker season. There is nothing better than to sit on a moto bike on a late summer evening and show Your feminine attitude in the strongest way possible. The roads out there need some haute hot biker chicks . With that being said, why should boys have all the fun?

But First, Do You Know The Essence Of Being a Biker Chick?

Strong femininity for sure.From tight leather bottoms to secretly covered corsets in black and more. The aim is to make you a hot haute biker babe and not a scary one, which is why you should know which biker chick fashion accessories should be worn best. Some options would be: Studded jewellery, dark camisoles, purses, boots,  minimal makeup, messy hair, as they ll get a lot messier after so no need to try too much, and attitude, loads of it. With biker chick fashion trends, you cannot but praise the use of all things leather in every ensemble. From vests to boots to the belts worn, maybe your pants and a chic jacket too; play on with leather! So in my small version of todays biker chic i would choose as You can see to  put less attention to accessories and more to the matching of leather as I spoke before. Simply changing, lets say to avoid all black material, leather leggings to leather but grey ones… attaching some flawless tops to enhance the whole look, and of coruse choosing one of the main two pieces - glasses and boots. 

And keep in mind that You don’t need to be a biker chic to look like one, as the outfit that I speak about and that You see is more than good for a night out, festival or any other occasion in summer… As covered in rock’n’roll and leather does not ask for any special occasion , wear it when ever You feel like showing Your strong feminine side!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather jacket / ZARA
Faux leather leggings / Aimi
Cardigan / H&M
Shirt / DKNY
Boots / INCH2
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / Kenzo