While sitting on a train to French Alps and going through my Eyes Mast articles I got to thinking.... What influence does a city have to Your daily wardrobe, to Your style and to Your personality. It is unbelievable. Difference of people behaviour, architecture, culture, streets, smells, views and mainly everything that surrounds You, has an enormous effect on You and reflects perfectly in Your style.
Why am I even speaking about it? Well only because all of us know that I am more to rock n roll side than to chic and elegant part for now, but when I started packing for Paris I saw that most of the stuff that I took did not include my typical must haves, which means leather jackets were replaced by light overcoats and vests, leather pants and black wrapped jeans became soft silk dresses and lace skirts, huge bags full of half of my life in it jumped into small clutches with only few necessary thing such as a lipstick, wallet and my byredo bal d'afrique ....


So You can see with Your own eyes what Paris has done to edgy rock'n'roll chick! haha! I simply could not survive at least one day without feminine clothes, light textures, elegance and flawless outfits! And I must say I loved it , I wonder if I ll keep up atleast a bit when I am back to Vilnius...

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / The Row
Bag / Hermes Birkin
Heels / Prada
Glasses / Dior