just go casual

Its one of those weekends when after looking through the window You decide to stay in bed and  think that the only head ache You ll have will be a question of grey or white pyjama .... but after few hours of scrolling and choosing the right movie, which is not working out, You realise that You want a fresh cup of coffee in your favourite coffee house and You run to Your closet.....
This is exactly what has happened to me... So I am standing in the middle of my closet and I decide that ok today I ll skip the daily routine of two hours of changing outfits and trying on every single piece that I have and just go for something comfy and definitely suitable for the weather...
Then I look deep into my outwear pieces and I see this crazy red raincoat which at the same second I mach with my fav leather leggings and of course Timberlands, as there is no better boots than these ones for any crazy weather right? But there is one moment which You have to understand -  You do not want to look like a random tourist, I mean by wearing everything just for comfort there is a slight line that You must not pass. What I mean is, when You decide to wear clothes that are all about comfort and flexibility You have to make sure, You play right with accessories, in my case the look pops out with a pair of Dior's and T- Happen transparent bag, without them the outfit would be quite plain right? So keep in mind that every detail has to be thought through... and yes even on the weekends!
So I dress up in few mins , put my Dior's and run out. What I can say... seeing all people freeze in the streets with their light leather jackets or steam in their heavy oversize coats , while I am sitting and sipping my coffee all warm and cozy with my Audimas coat puts me in a position where I feel that It was one of the fastest outfit desigions that i have ever made, and probably one of the smartest ones !
All in all when You have to or by some weird reason want to run around the city while its almost raining and the weather is a bit crazy make sure You have one of these coats prepared, and I advice to have one in some funky colour like in this case red. As You stay comfortable , fashionable and happy right? Plus its Saturday, one of those days when You don't need to look classy from head to toes, so I say let Yourself wear something more easy and chilled!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Rain coat / Audimas
Leather leggings / ZARA
Boots / Timberland
Sunglasses / Dior
Bag / T-Happen

Photo / Egle Juozaityte