So a bit about H&M collection that Eyes Mast had a pleasure to work with one of the first!
The brand’s fifth Conscious Collection which focuses on sustainable materials and is a nod towards an historical fashion influence as the exclusive sponsor of the Fashion Forward: 3 Centuries of Fashion, Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.The collection merges a sense of history with modernity with many pieces resembling Renaissance Art. A liquid dress is adorned with a slice of Botticelli’s Three Graces. Short dresses and painter blouses create an electric and eclectic short-circuit between present and past.
Talking about colours they are chosen from the paintings and artworks of Gustave Moreau and range from several white and vanilla tones, powder tones to gold, ice blue, shades of berry pinks and blues and of course black. Mainly this seasons top tones.... 
All in all the collection is super detailed, with strong architectural and historical segments... Simply each peace is like apiece if art that You can wear daily and kick your style out of the borders.

Eyes Mast chooses:

H&M Concious Exclusive

Photo / Egle Juozaityte