As 2016 spring is all about comfort and ease, we have to make sure that time to time we let our selves to relax when it comes to wardrobe and daily wear. All You have to do is to make it look like You are not trying too hard right? As I believe we at least try to do so every week from Monday to Friday...haha
Speaking about this outfit its truly a perfection for any type of body and for sure any type of age. You can easily be 40 year old woman that will look classy and edgy while at the same time You can be in Your 20s and pull it out in the same way!
Outfit fits any occasion and absolutely any timing of the day. 
So keep it simple and comfortable!

Cheers and don't get wet!

Eyes Mast Chooses:

Jacket / Audimas
Shirt / DKNY
Leather leggings / ZARA
Boots / Armani
Clutch / Daili
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte