Choose white

There comes a time, even for a black colour lover, when You simply want to jump into pure white.
So lets speak about white today. Ages ago I could not even imagine that I will have so many white pieces in my closet, why? Well as I have mentioned already I was a black colour child from as far as I can remember, second of all You have to be super careful and tidy to have white pieces right?
As for me - white jeans are exactly for 24hours not more, as I manage to get into things that I normally wouldn't If I would be wearing any other colour. So I guess its some kind of an unspoken curse. Apart that, I fell in love with white colour not so long ago, main reason was that I went perfectly with every other tone... 
But how to wear white so that it would be perfection from head to toes?
I have very few rules that work for me every single time. 
First one would be wear only white, as then there is no chance that You will not pull it of.
Second mix it with one more colour only
Third mix it with black leather! ( my favourite one, as then You bring in some rock n roll into the outfit )
In the end I'd like to say that women think of all colours accept the expect the absence of it. i have always said that black has it all and now I can say without no doubt - white too. Their beauty is absolute, the perfect harmony.

Jacket / Aimi
Jeans / H&M
Shirt / Aimi
Sneakers / Adidas
Glasses / Dior
Belt /
Clutch /  KENZO

Photo / Egle Juozaityte