Rock the streets

Soft and seductive, leather takes over along with a - very sensual - neo-female warrior. More Punk or more Casual city girl? the decision is ours. Lets get back to 60s Punk decade and relax about wearing too much leather.
on't we all have a moment of "what is too much leather" ?Well the answer is there is none such thing. This spring I would say the more the better.
Attending a festival?or simply casual day in the city? Choose leather.
his is what I've chosen for the day. Key piece is my new favourite one - Aimi faux leather skirt and my spring summer love - leather jacket from Zara and ofc INCH 2 boots!
It looks edgy and tasteful, any woman or girl can easily pull this off!

Eyes Mast chooses :

Jacket / ZARA
Skirt / Aimi
Boots / INCH2
Glasses / Dior
Flower top / H&M