Casual Mondays

Sometimes, especially on mondays You reach a point when You just don't have time or wish to turn Your head around for finding the right outfit for the day. As we all can agree mondays are the worst...
This is why on a day like this I choose to stay minimal and simple, though chic. There is nothing better than two piece outfit that suits You from 9 to 5 right? Or in my case from 10 to 10 :D
To have the ability to pull out an outfit like this You must have few pairs of strong pieces to choose from. 
As now its spring season and we have a light wear friendly season, why not having few extra pieces of vests and dresses that You can match in any season and in any occasion?
My advice buy some classy long dresses, few vests or light rain coats and Your everyday head ache is gone!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / Wear Mad by July
Vest / Space Style Concept
Boots / INCH2
Clutch / KENZO
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte