While still being all about warm clothing and oversize coats, as In this town spring just refuses to show up each chance You get ( i am talking about moments when You can put on a leather jacket and not die from cold ) You try to use it to the max. This is why today one of those days when You have to run around with Your mac all day and feel comfy and wild, I decided that I ll go for a slick outfit with a bit of edge - in this case artsy leggings. Mainly the loudest key pieces are these insanely printed Audimas leggings and T- Happen transparent bag, which I see I am using more and more... But its only because the warmer it gets the more comfortable I feel about my belongings of the bag :D
Best part about this outfit is that You can easily start Your morning with it and end up Your evening in. As who wouldn't fall in love with an outfit thats can work from morning till dawn??
To sum up today is all about strategising Your outfit so that it would fit You one of those days when You know You ll not have a chance to change.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather jacket / Zara
Dress / Audimas
Bag / T- Happen
Boots / Diesel
Leggings / Audimas
Glasses / Dior