bloody red

Today is all about bright colours and contrasts. There comes a time, especially before the spring season, when You start missing out on light clothes, few pieces outfits and You want to keep it as simple as it can be. Today I woke up and I simply wanted to feel elegant and light all day. This is why I chose a light fur jacket and Diors for the elegance . Vey easy outfit , nothing special, nothing big, simple few strong pieces outfit that pulled out the whole idea and wish of the morning.
And ofcoruse lets not gorget a very strong part of having a light outfit, If You want for it not to look as simple as You see it , You have to edge it up. In this case it is all about the glasses and lips.
Really there is nothing more powerful than a strong lipstick and edgy pair of glasses!

Personally for me .... I am simply dying from this winter... I can not wait for normal weather to kick inn, for the sun to come out, as I haven't seen her for ages right??! Can You imagine all the insane outfits coming up?? Hrrr I can not wait... If not the weather I would be already boosting You with crazy looks!
But lets be patient


Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Silver Fox
Glasses / Dior
Bag / M&S