Feel the tones!

When it comes to the feeling of spring, even to a person like me there comes a need for  light tones, colours and funky stuff. That exact day It was one of the super rare times when I actually saw freaking sun! And my apartment was light for the first time after three months of darkness....Then I realised - today Im skipping my beloved black and moving to colours!
Ofcourse I can not escape myself and run to flower'ish fabrics, super colourful items and so on, so what do I do? I take silver pieces, my beloved wrapped jeans, and some pastel. And believe me I feel amazing, even though I literally do not have anything black. How often does that happen? Almost never! So this is what happens when Eyes Mast sees sun after such a long time :D

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Marks& Spencer
Jeans / ZARA
Top / H&M
Glasses / Dior ( Optometrijos Centras)
Clutch / KENZO Paris

Photo / Egle Juozaityte