Leather it up

So its one of those days when You wake up and imagination flows only to the dark side of the closet. As how can it not when You have not seen sun in like two months or so.  But You don't want for the outfit to be too minimal or simple and You most definitely don't want any bright or contrasting pieces - You go for layers, there is nothing better when You are matching an outfit out of one colour to play with different fabrics, in this case main part is leather and wool as it seems that spring will never come to this country .
Boots and edgy pair of sunglasses simply finish up the outfit in the best possible way, and You are good to go! 
Pretty much it for today as there are not too many comments needed when it comes to black right? 


Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather Jacket / ZARA
Blause / OZ design
Leather pants / H&M
Wool cardigan / H&M
Glasses / Dior ( Optometrijos Centras)
Bag / Guess